Dolph Ziggler runs out of WWE merchandise

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Dolph Ziggler runs out of WWE merchandise

Throughout WWE's history, several Superstars have been instrumental in growing the company's fame and knowledge around the world. Just think of very important faces like those of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Ultimate Warrior and up to the present day with John Cena, Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns.

All these characters have done nothing but increase the global importance of the McMahon-owned company, making it known in all corners of the world, also managing to grow the coffers of the federation, with millions of merchandising items sold.

In recent years, in fact, precisely on merchandising, WWE has gone further, creating replica belts exactly the same as the originals, socks, hats, chairs in memory of the events in which fans took part and so on and so forth.

put. Usually from this point of view, the WWE is quite homogeneous and releases at least one piece of clothing for each of its important wrestlers, at least a t-shirt, but in the last period, there is someone who would no longer even have that for sale.

We are talking about Dolph Ziggler. With a quick search on the official McMahon shop, we come to note that the former WWE world champion no longer has an article with his name on sale and in fact even talked about it on Twitter.

Dolph Ziggler is kicked out of the official WWE Shop

To a fan who pointed out to Dolph Ziggler that he had never seen anyone wear merchandise dedicated to him, the former Smackdown duo champion himself replied: "To be honest, WWE doesn't even sell one."

Dolph Ziggler has been in WWE for a very long time, and he's been a part of many WrestleMania events. This year, however, The Showoff and his tag team partner Robert Roode could miss the Show of Shows, despite the fact that they're the reigning SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

Instead, they are going to put their titles on the line on the upcoming episode of WWE SmackDown in a Fatal Four-Way match. Dolph Ziggler recently sent out a tweet that might be connected to his exclusion from the WrestleMania match card.

Thankfully, Dolph Ziggler wasn't future endeavored by WWE, and today he's recognized as one of the best Intercontinental Champions ever. His brother, Ryan Nemeth, competes in All Elite Wrestling. Although Ziggler is the only member of the group currently signed to WWE, he revealed that there was a time he thought he was going to be fired during his time with the group.