Mojo Rawley recalls a shocking meeting with Vince McMahon

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Mojo Rawley recalls a shocking meeting with Vince McMahon
Mojo Rawley recalls a shocking meeting with Vince McMahon (Provided by Wrestling World)

Mojo Rawley made his professional wrestling debut nine years ago after spending much of his youth to football. Following a stint on NXT, he was called to the main roster in 2016. During his tenure in the Stamford-based federation, Mojo was awarded the André The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 33 in 2017, in what represents the high point of his entire career in this business.

The former WWE star said wrestlers must constantly work hard in order to impress management and creative decision-makers. In a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Rawley recalled an encounter with Vince McMahon that stuck in his mind.

Mojo Rawley was released in April 2021

“I remember meeting Vince McMahon in his office and I have to admit that I came out a lot more stimulated than before. He sat me down and told me I could become one of the best performers in the company.

He claimed that I had one of the best attitudes and one of the best work ethics at the time. He literally made a list of all my qualities, adding that we should have thought carefully about how to evolve my character. There were so many things that I could have done to enter people's hearts.

Many of those ideas have never been realized, testifying to the fact that different factors are combined behind the scenes,” Mojo Rawley said. Mojo remained in WWE until April 2021, when he was caught up in the release wave due to the global pandemic.

Outstanding stars such as Braun Strowman, Bo Dallas, The IIconics, Mickie James, Andrade, Lana, Buddy Murphy, Fandango, Tyler Breeze and Lars Sullivan have had to empty the locker. WWE also fired a number of distinguished insiders, who played an important role backstage.

And the feeling is that it's not over yet. Before entering the pro wrestling business, Mojo Rawley (real name Dean Muthadi) played for both the Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals in the National Football League. He signed a contract with WWE in 2012, joining the NXT brand.

In 2016, he would be called up to the main roster as part of that year's WWE draft. During that time, he formed a team with another former WWE star Zack Ryder, calling themselves the Hype Bros. It was just a year later that he won the aforementioned WrestleMania battle royale with his close friend, NFL superstar Rob Gronkowski.

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