Murphy wasn't surprised when he learned of his release

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Murphy wasn't surprised when he learned of his release

Over the past few months, WWE has been forced to release large numbers of talent and insiders behind the scenes to deal with the aftermath of the pandemic. Among the athletes forced to leave the company is also the name of Murphy, who seemed destined to take on a leading role under the supervision of Vince McMahon.

Last year he was a big star on Raw becoming a kind of follower of Seth Rollins, before starting a storyline with the Mysterio family. Murphy even defeated Rollins cleanly after betraying him in late 2020. Buddy stayed away from the TV screens for four months, then returned to SmackDown and launched the challenge to Cesaro.

About a month later, he played his last fight in WWE, at the André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal on April 4, 2021. In fact, his release took place on June 2. Interviewed by Sean Ross Sapp for 'Fightful', Murphy said he didn't interact much with Vince McMahon during his time in Stamford.

Murphy was released from WWE last month

“During my eight years of career, I haven't had much contact with Vince McMahon,” Murphy confided. “My idea was to only meet him if it was a matter of life or death, otherwise I didn't see the need.

I knew that a misplaced comma would be enough to change all the plans that concerned me. It wasn't worth it, at least from my point of view,” he added. The former lightweight champion was not surprised by the news of his release: "I was aware that it was a very possible eventuality since I had made it clear that I was unhappy.

Without stepping on anyone's toes or bothering me, I made it quite clear that I wanted to do more and that I didn't like the status I had at the time”. All that remains is to wait to understand more about his future.

When the non-compete contract was discussed, Murphy revealed that WWE called him offering to extend his non-compete if it wasn't their standard 90-day contract: "I received a phone call from the office the day after I was released saying that they received an email that they messed up and my contract was only 30-day non-compete and that if I wanted to prolong it to the 90 days that they would do that for me," Buddy Murphy said.

"I thought that was weird as I was a budget cut, but you're still willing to pay me another two months, but it wasn't me. I had my letter, which says 'August 31.' When it comes to the visa situation, the more time I have, the better so I can get prepared.

Even if they gave me an out, I would have to take it for my life. They thought it was me. I informed them that it wasn't because I received a letter, It went from panic to relief on the voice, then they moved on."