Rikishi reveals the biggest regret of his career

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Rikishi reveals the biggest regret of his career

One of the most characteristic characters of the past eras of the pro-wrestling world, especially in WWE, is the father of the current Jimmy and Jey Uso: Rikishi. The Samoan athlete has been for years one of the most loved characters of the Ruthless Aggression Era of Smackdown and before that another great protagonist of the Attitude Era, when WWE was still called WWF.

In a particular juncture, in which Rikishi was intent on carrying on a storyline alongside Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and several other components of the main event of the then WWF, apparently the father of Smackdown's twins today, he would have even risked winning the company's world title, achieved after years of career, but only close to it.

Rikishi was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015

In his latest speech to the microphones of WrestleSlam, the WWE Hall of Famer of the McMahon company said: "You know what, there has been something that has always been at the top of my list of things to achieve, if you are part of this industry and you don't have your eyes on it, on the biggest prize, well then it's useless.

you are in this business. It can take a year, ten or fifteen. But, for me this was one of the biggest things I could have done and it was very close to becoming WWE Champion and I won't go into details, but it could have easily happened in the Attitude Era, you know, during the 'I phase.

did for The Rock 'with Stone Cold etc., but due to issues with business judgments, things didn't go as they should and I had to do what was best for my family and wrestling. It was just a big timing issue, but that's okay, that's okay with me.

I'm a WWE Hall of Famer and that's a great thing." Rikishi opened up on how a near-fatal incident from his younger years resulted in him falling into the wrestling business. "Pro wrestling saved my life. In San Francisco, California, the streets of San Francisco, where we were raised up back in the bay area, I was raised in the swamps… And I’ll be honest, I wasn’t the best of kids, that followed the rules.

My background… My grandparents are preachers of a church. My mother is a daughter of a preacher. We would go to church and pray all the time, but I was just going the opposite. It was rough back in the bay area. I was running with the wrong crowd.

At seventeen, I got hit by a drive-by shooting. I damn near lost my life. I was dead for three minutes. I woke up in the ambulance and all I could see was my mother’s face."