Bruce Prichard talks about Brian Pillman's passing

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Bruce Prichard talks about Brian Pillman's passing

One of the legendary athletes of the McMahon family who died far too young, responds to the name of Brian Pillman, struck down by heart problems at the age of 35. The death of Brian Pillman was a huge blow both for his colleagues, and obviously for the family, and for the world of pro-wrestling, because at the time there had been talk of anabolics, drugs and harmful substances in the world of pro-wrestling and Pillman was immediately included in the list of "dead for" athletes, when in reality the causes of death revealed other aspects.

After more than 20 years, Bruce Prichard is back to talk about the untimely death of the talent of the then WWF, who at the time was one of the best friends of the WWE Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, who was shocked and literally destroyed by the death of his friend, having to wait years before being able to get over it definitively.

If for years Brian Pillman according to various fans and insiders had died of an overdose or heart attack due to some substance that had caused him, Bruce Prichard, in his last speech to the microphones of his Something to Wrestle With, has in fact shared that Pillman's death wasn't due to substance abuse.

Brian Pillman was one of the most exciting wrestlers of his time

"We had just done a drug test on him before he died and he passed it quietly, without the slightest doubt. I think Brian was in a depression at that time and everyone who was close to him felt guilty after his death because they believed they could do more.

That was just how Steve felt too. He was sad because he didn't help him. They were friends. He was friends with his family. It was a really hard pill to swallow. It was difficult for him to be able to deal with this. Brian was well-liked by everyone and had a very special relationship with Steve.

That was a bad blow to him, for quite some time." Shortly before he died, Brian Pillman was slated to play a match against Dude Love on In Your House 18: Badd Blood, which aired on 5 October 1997, the same day the athlete died from a heart problem that had never been diagnosed and that had nothing to do with drugs or illicit substances.

Brian Pillman was one of the most exciting wrestlers of his time and was beloved by everyone he worked with. His son, Brian Pillman Jr. has carried on his father's legacy and has done an amazing job in doing so.