Heavy words from Edge to Roman Reigns

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Heavy words from Edge to Roman Reigns

There is now about a week left and the Pay Per View of Money in the Bank will be staged for the WWE with the match valid for the Universal Championship between the champion and Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and the challenger, the Rated-R Superstar Edge.

After the defeat, the Wrestlemania 37 Main Event saw Roman Reigns pin both the Canadian wrestler and Daniel Bryan at the same time, literally annihilated. The company's Big Dog has been destroying anyone who gets in his way for months now, but despite this Edge does not want to give up and in recent weeks he has returned to challenge the champion.

In the last few weeks and especially in the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown we have seen an Edge literally unleashed and with the help of Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik has turned attacking Roman Reigns and the Usos twins.

The match will mark Edge's first match since WrestleMania

Speaking during the last episode of Talking Smack, the Canadian wrestler and experienced former champion of Vince McMahon's company wanted to launch a real challenge towards the Tribal Chief.

Here are his words: “So Roman Reigns I didn't just come back to do a hit tour and be carefree, I am not satisfied with that. After a decade and after being told that I would no longer fight after serious neck injuries, I reacted after decades.

I've had all kinds of injuries, fractured my skull and you think he came back here just to be a carefree wrestler? I am not that and I do not just want to fight, I am back to be the champion and at Money in the Bank I will be the champion, so it will end a ten-year cycle.

This is how it will happen and the story will finally end, I absolutely believe in everything I say and this scares you." Edge is loaded for this challenge and in the last few weeks he has launched several attacks in the confrontation of the champion by destroying his faithful allies in the last episode of Smackdown of the champion forcing Reigns to run away.

Two weeks ago, Edge returned to WWE SmackDown and attacked the reigning Universal Champion Roman Reigns, who was in the middle of a promo. Following his ambush on the Head of the Table, the WWE Hall of Famer demanded a title shot and was granted one by Adam Pearce.

Thus, a match was set for the Universal Championship: Edge vs. Roman Reigns at WWE Money in the Bank. Last week, Edge attacked Jimmy Uso after being called out. Edge sent a message to the Universal Champion by laying a beating on his cousin. The closing shots of the show saw Edge addressing Reigns as he wrenched Uso's neck back in a brutal hold.