Reason why WWE didn't punish Jimmy Uso

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Reason why WWE didn't punish Jimmy Uso
Reason why WWE didn't punish Jimmy Uso (Provided by Wrestling World)

In the last few hours, there has been a lot of talk about the difficult situation in which Jey Uso's twin, Jimmy Uso, would have slipped. The wrestler, husband of Naomi of the WWE, would have in fact been arrested for the umpteenth time by the American police for driving in a state of intoxication, after being caught driving his SUV, in conditions not suitable for driving, after drinking several beers and having exceeded the speed limit of the road that had traveled for several kilometers.

The arrest is nothing new for the athlete, who has already been arrested several times, since he is under contract with the McMahon company, always for the same reason and obviously the leaders of the Stamford-based federation are now furious with him, so much so that he came to think of making him pay an exemplary punishment, which apparently would not have arrived yet.

Lately, Vince McMahon and his associates were expected to take a stand on the matter, but as time passes, it seems that the situation is increasingly covered up and left in oblivion.

The latest news on Jimmy Uso

Apparently, according to what was stated by the microphones of the well-known Wrestling Observer, the very famous Hollywood actor, as well as the eldest cousin of Roman Reigns and the Usos, The Rock, could have been the character who would have changed the WWE's mind on a possible ouster.

from the scenes of Jimmy Uso. A possible future convocation on the company's rings would prevent WWE from now excluding the Usos from the company's storylines, thus guaranteeing an on-screen future even for the newly arrested.

As reported by Dave Meltzer, in fact: "I don't know if Roman played a role in this decision. My informants tell me they are still deciding something big with this angle of the main event, because it should also include The Rock and therefore it should lead to Wrestlemania (and Jimmy Uso) should be included somehow and they obviously don't want to ruin it.

angle by The Rock. When I asked, they said nothing is happening. It's not something they can look at from the other side, but that's what they are doing." The possible future presence of The Rock in the WWE rings, therefore, may have inadvertently saved Jimmy Uso's career as well, who after yet another The arrest could have ended immediately, given the behavior of the McMahons towards his athletes in recent months.

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