WWE superstars embittered by Vince McMahon's requests

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WWE superstars embittered by Vince McMahon's requests

In recent months, the WWE of the McMahon family has definitely changed its register compared to the last pre-pandemic periods. From 2020 onwards, the leadership of the federation has in fact begun to cut several departments of the company in a very important way, cutting staff, contracts, budget and everything else.

In the last period, Vince McMahon himself would have asked his wrestlers several more sacrifices, going to limit what is their free time, to go to train at the Performance Center in Orlando, to increase their technical skills, both on the ring that to the microphone, in view of the return on the road of WWE.

Obviously, none of the federation fighters liked this request from the Chairman, which was a real order from the boss, who has seen over the last few months, almost all the Superstars of mid-carding and main event go to work right in Orlando.

Several WWE Superstars very unhappy with Vince McMahon's behavior

According to what was reported by the microphones of the well-known Wrestling Observer, through the words of the equally well-known Dave Meltzer, even more, unexpected voices come to us from the WWE circles, which describe the situation inside the roster even more sad than what we imagined.

In fact, in the latest Observer update, Meltzer stated: "I know that there are people who are not too dissatisfied, but who live nearby and many others who have to reach the Performance Center from different other places further away, by personal means and for this reason, those who do not live nearby are definitely not very happy with the thing, especially because on their free days, without being paid with an extra, they still have to reach the Performance Center, making hundreds of kilometers.

In Bayley's case, she also tore her cruciate ligament." WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was keen to put Bray Wyatt in a group and have him lead it. Former WWE Superstars Mike Bennett and Eric Young were earmarked to be a part of Wyatt's group as real-life puppets.

"Early on when Bray Wyatt turned into The Fiend, Vince was always high on having Bray lead a group for some reason – he always wanted him to lead a group. We were about a week away from making it happen where I and Eric Young were gonna be part of Bray Wyatt’s group," said former WWE star Mike Bennett.