How many times has Jimmy Uso been arrested?

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How many times has Jimmy Uso been arrested?
How many times has Jimmy Uso been arrested? (Provided by Wrestling World)

In the last week in WWE, the complicated situation of Usos' twin, Jimmy Uso, has been discussed. WWE Naomi's husband got arrested for the umpteenth time driving a state of intoxication after being caught driving in unsuitable conditions.

The WWE Universe was shocked by this thing with the company being paralyzed by the second arrest in two years with fans expecting a 'punishment' for one of the main elements of the Friday Night Smackdown roster. Surprisingly, however, the wrestler participated in the last episode of the blue show without any limitation and indeed was one of the main protagonists, in an episode that ended badly for him with the attack of Dominik and Rey Mysterio together with Edge at the Usos and to WWE Tribal Chief Roman Reigns.

Jimmy Uso was arrested on July 5, 2021

The fact that WWE did not punish the wrestler in any way intrigued the WWE Universe who tried to explain all of this. According to what was reported by colleague Dave Meltzer during the usual episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, the current plans of Vince McMahon's company for Roman Reigns and Usos are too important to be readjusted due to a mistake and also for this Jimmy Uso was not even fined or penalized in any way.

Beyond this it should be remembered that WWE appears to have future plans that see Usos and Roman Reigns involved with, nevertheless, the return of The Rock, with a family-like feud set to revolutionize the world's leading wrestling company and be brought.

on to Wrestlemania 37. Despite this, it must be said that this situation has not been appreciated with WWE fans wondering what could happen to Jimmy Uso's next mistake outside the wrestling ring and at the same time what could happen if this thing is done by other wrestlers.

with a backstage reaction absolutely worth checking out. Jimmy was arrested again in February 2019 in Detroit, Michigan. He got into an argument with the police officers when his car was pulled over. His brother Jey Uso and his wife Naomi were accompanying him at the time.

The officers spoke with Naomi but unfortunately, Jimmy exited the vehicle while they were speaking with her and allegedly took off his shirt. The situation was de-escalated but Jimmy Uso was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice. He later pled no contest to interfering with a government employee and paid a $450 fine.

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