Former WWE star discusses the idea of Sister Abigail

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Former WWE star discusses the idea of Sister Abigail

In WWE there has always been a strong interest in the mysterious figure of Sister Abigail, this being that Bray Wyatt uses as his inspiration and guiding spirit. Over time we got used to imagining Sister Abigail as a simple mystical character, but it is undeniable that fans are dying to know if there really is someone behind this figure.

For several years WWE and Bray Wyatt have piqued the public's curiosity by adding less and less clear details about Sister Abigail, but what emerges now is that, at some point, an unsuspected athlete had to play this role.

As strange as it may seem, this is Mike Kanellis, who fought for the Stamford-based federation from 2017 to 2020 without achieving particular successes. Mike Bennett talked about this crazy idea to Metro microphones: "When Bray Wyatt started wearing The Fiend, Vince wanted him to lead a band, for some reason he always wanted this from him.

We were a week away from realizing this idea and Eric Young and I had to be part of it. They wanted us to bring the Firefly Fun House puppets to life. Each puppet would be represented by a person. I was supposed to be Sister Abigail and Eric Young was supposed to be Mercy The Buzzard."

The idea of Sister Abigail was brought to the forefront during late 2017

From his words it is clear that Mike Bennett should have interpreted Abby The Witch, so not the original version of Sister Abigail but his adaptation of the Firefly Fun House, which in any case is inspired.

Obviously in the end these plans didn't materialize and all of Bray Wyatt's "friends" were left with only the characters of the Fun House: "The idea was that we had to play all the characters of the Firefly Fun House, which would come to life.

I thought it was going to be really cool, I already got a taste for it. But then, as happens in most cases, they told us they would never do it again." While there has been no news on the future of Bray Wyatt and the character of The Fiend for months, Mike Bennett is now part of the Ring roster of Honor together with his wife Maria Kanellis.

The idea of Sister Abigail was brought to the forefront in late 2017 when Bray suggested that the mysterious entity wanted to meet Finn Balor's Demon. However, during a conflict with Randy Orton, the Wyatt Family Compound (where the grave of Sister Abigail lay) was burned to the ground, supposedly destroying what was left of her.

Since the birth of The Fiend, we have again had hints towards Sister Abigail. One of the characters in the Firefly Fun House is Abby the Witch, a clear nod to her.