Backstage news on Daniel Bryan's current status

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Backstage news on Daniel Bryan's current status

The Friday Night Smackdown roster has been deprived in recent weeks and in fact, we are now talking about months of one of the most loved and famous superstars of the WWE Universe. We are undoubtedly talking about the Yes Man Daniel Bryan, absent from the ring from the match titled against the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns with a clause that provided for the definitive removal of Bryan from Smackdown in the event of the latter's victory.

Of course, this storyline was just another game made by the WWE creative team with the wrestler who saw his contract expire and quite recently, interesting updates have arrived regarding his relationship with WWE.

Daniel Bryan's contract with WWE expired earlier this year

According to reports from insiders Daniel Bryan has been totally excluded from all projects involving the WWE recently with the wrestler removed from the project along with many other artists.

Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Live reported that WWE is currently working on a video game project but that this will not feature superstars currently away from the company and therefore Daniel Bryan will not be there either.

Here are his specific words: "I don't know if WWE's projects concern the video game or something else but the certain thing is that they will be shared only with the current WWE members, there will be no people who have recently left the company.

and as far as I know, Daniel Bryan won't be there either. Consequently, this is an important indication to understand that at the moment the WWE does not really have any plans planned for Daniel Bryan." A surprise Daniel Bryan return in the coming weeks is therefore currently excluded from the company even if, as we know, the plans of WWE can change at any moment and could in fact be dramatically revolutionized.

In the last few weeks, Bryan has been mentioned in the storyline that stars Roman Reigns and Edge (seen his match with them at Wrestlemania 37) but this appears normal and a reinstatement of the former WWE Champion is not expected anyway.

Daniel Bryan's contract with WWE expired earlier this year, with his last match coming against Roman Reigns in April. There were reports earlier this year of WWE and Japanese promotion New Japan Pro-Wrestling discussing a working relationship.. The report claimed that one of the major reasons for the rumored deal was for WWE to allow Bryan to wrestle in Japan.