Kurt Angle talks about Chris Jericho's jealousy

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Kurt Angle talks about Chris Jericho's jealousy

Two of the most important characters of the last 20 years of pro-wrestling history are undoubtedly the WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle and his former colleague Chris Jericho, currently one of the leading faces of All Elite Wrestling, which is WWE's biggest rival currently.

In recent years, Kurt Angle has decided to definitively quit wrestling, after a twenty-year career, which led him to suffer the most serious injuries of an athlete's career, breaking his neck on two different occasions and staying for a long time victim of the most excruciating pains.

Since the birth of the new reality called AEW, however, Chris Jericho has decided to join with full energy in the project created by the Khan family, together with Cody Rhodes, the Young Bucks and a few other athletes. In recent times, many other former WWE wrestlers have then turned to the Khan family for a new job and some of them have been satisfied with a new job.

Kurt Angle on Chris Jericho

In the last episode of his personal podcast, which is always attended by some special interviewer or some special guest, Kurt Angle wanted to talk about the initial relationship he had with Chris Jericho, who came from the WCW rings and who apparently did not appreciate the way WWE management treated Angle and not him.

To the microphones of the AdFreeShows, Angle has indeed revealed after years: "No, no, I felt it all right. You know, it just seemed like that. Chris never talked about it, but I'm sure he thought about it because there was no question.

We both started around the same time, he was from WCW, you know, and I started right in WWE instead. Some of my first programs were with Chris Jericho and it just seemed to me that the management was elevating a lot faster and I was really, really, really new to the business.

Chris, on the other hand, had been fighting pro-wrestling for at least a decade. So, I was very surprised that they didn't elevate Chris as fast as they did me and you know, for whatever reason there was, maybe because he was from WCW."

AEW pulled off another highly-anticipated debut by getting a former WWE star on board with a new name. Elsewhere, a fan tried to enter the ring during Chris Jericho and MJF's segment, and footage of the scary incident has now been released on social media.

A highly-rated star also revealed that she has yet to receive an offer from AEW or WWE amid intense speculation about her future. Another AEW star also commented on a past feud with The Undertaker and his desire to have had a longer program with The Deadman.