Tucker recalls an incident that took place in WWE

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Tucker recalls an incident that took place in WWE

WWE wrestling shows (and more) have become much safer over the years, mainly thanks to the progress made in terms of the safety and health management of athletes. However, in the opinion of former WWE superstar Tucker, there are still some gray areas that can create dangers for the boys who perform in the ring.

The latter has been the victim of the wave of releases that has characterized the Stamford federation in recent months. While they managed to continue the shows, Vince McMahon and his management faced the massive impact of the global pandemic.

Host of the 'OTR' show, Tucker recalled an incident starring himself and Otis.

Tucker has sent a heartfelt message to Otis

“We were sitting at the catering in shorts and a basketball shirt when we got a message from one of the writers saying they needed us in Gorilla.

We had just finished eating. We got to the Gorilla and they wanted us to fight right then in a dark match. I looked at Otis with a puzzled face, but we had no choice but to prepare quickly. We put on our gear when Team B had already entered the scene.

I was very angry because it was not a sure thing. As fate would have it, someone was hurt precisely in that circumstance. I won't mention names, but I'm sure the people who are listening to this show know who I'm talking about” - Tucker said.

Despite his release, Tucker has spent nice words for his former employers: “We haven't always agreed on everything, but I have to thank them for the opportunity that was given to me. I have been able to look after my family, so I will always be grateful to them.

I don't know exactly what the future holds for me, but I hope to be able to use the skills I developed while in WWE and apply them in another context”. Along with him, Kalisto, Mojo Rawley, Bo Dallas and Wesley Blake were also fired.

Heavy Machinery did well for itself on the WWE roster despite never having won the tag team titles on any brand. Otis and Tucker's chemistry became a big hit among the WWE Universe and their split last year was unexpected.

Reacting to the release of his friend, Otis posted a throwback photo with Tucker earlier today. The picture is from the time the duo was together and working on NXT. Tucker has now responded to Otis with a heartfelt message of his own: "Heavy Machinery will live on forever."