Mickie James Speaks About Her Last WWE Run

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Mickie James Speaks About Her Last WWE Run

Mickie James is a legendary WWE wrestler, and she recently spoke about her last WWE run on Wrestling Inc. Daily. Many hardcore WWE fans already believe that WWE didn’t treat Mickie right during her last run. She was also abruptly released by WWE.

Mickie is still positive about the future as she will work as the executive producer of “Empowerrr” which will be an all-women PPV event hosted by the National Wrestling Alliance. She revealed on Wrestling Inc.

about the one regret that she had when she re-signed with WWE in 2016.

Mickie James on Not Using the "Hardcore Country" Character in WWE

“In hindsight, I wish I’d shown up as ‘Hardcore Country’ Mickie James,” the veteran shared.

“I think she would have made a lot of money”. Mickie left WWE in 2010 and joined Impact Wrestling. At Impact Wrestling, she has a very successful career and she created the “Hardcore Country” character over there.

She won the Knockout Title a few times. However, the character was never used in WWE after she re-joined the company in 2016. She even had a confrontation with Asuka at NXT, who was the NXT Women’s Champion at the time.

After that, Mickie signed a full-time deal with WWE. The executives at the time actually asked her what she wanted to do after she returned. She returned as a ‘La Luchadora’ and then went back to her original WWE character that she had before 2010.

“I came back as my old-school wrestling, with the bell-bottoms and stuff…a throwback,” James explained, “Which was, honestly, on me because I felt ‘the WWE audience knows her.’” Mickie admitted that she never suggested portraying the “Hardcore Country” character in WWE.

According to her, she thought it would be too big of an ask. “This is all speculation, but I think they would have more excitement, more stuff to do around that character,” James said of her Impact persona. “I feel the actual excitement of Mickie James coming back was kind of…” She now states that things could have been different if she actually brought her new character into the WWE, as wrestling had evolved by the time she made her return.

“I had evolved. Wrestling had evolved. Women’s wrestling had evolved,” Mickie James pointed out. “It would have made a statement,” the six-time WWE champion says of the prospect of returning with a new image, “I was one of the few people to be able to leave there and then completely reinvent and recreate myself and stay relevant in a whole other space without [WWE]”.