Kurt Angle Speaks About Performance Center Role

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Kurt Angle Speaks About Performance Center Role

Kurt Angle is one of WWE’s all-time greatest performers, and he spoke about his role at the WWE Performance Center. Many great superstars, such as Shawn Michaels turned into WWE coaches after their in-ring career ended.

On the Kurt Angle Show, Kurt Angle revealed that Triple H contacted him to hire him for NXT. According to Kurt, Triple H approached him for several roles. This happened after Kurt retired in 2019. He was asked to be a coach in NXT, and manage Matt Riddle, who was an NXT superstar at the time.

He was also asked to sign the WWE Legends Contract. Kurt stated that he never heard back from Triple H after that day.

Kurt Angle Speaks About Being Offered Several Roles by Triple H

“Triple H, he contacted me about seven months ago and wanted me to help out down in NXT,” Angle said.

“Wanted me to be a trainer and he only said ‘Hey, all I need you to do is go over stuff with talent. You can do it from home on your computer, you can do a zoom call, just go through the tapes with them in their match and tell what they did right and wrong.’ I said I’d be interested and I never heard back from him.

Long story short, they were interested but at the last second they must have backed out, which is okay with me”. Kurt then spoke about Matt Bloom, who was known as A-Train and Lord Tensai. He is currently working as the head coach of NXT Developmental.

According to Kurt, Matt is doing better as a coach than he did in professional wrestling. “Matt Bloom is an incredible coach,” Kurt Angle said. “He has done an incredible job with the talent done in NXT, which stood out to me when Matt Bloom first started.

He was amazing, the guy for a big guy he sold everything, his mouth, his back, he was very particular about what he did and that showed me that he would become a great coach. I think he’s going to become a better coach than he was a wrestler because of the way he went about things.

He learned the business top to bottom and he was very successful at being the coach of NXT. He’s done an amazing job so far and he will continue to do it”.