*Spoiler* Did a great friendship end at the end of Raw?

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*Spoiler* Did a great friendship end at the end of Raw?

In today's edition of Monday Night Raw, the last episode of the red show at the ThunderDome was staged, the last episode without the presence of the public. The episode of Raw began with the untitled match between WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and challenger Xavier Woods, revenge of the match that went immediately after Hell in A Cell and which saw the champion clearly triumph.

During this episode, however, Lashley controlled the match from start to finish, hit him with the Spear and threw him on the barriers but the finale had a sensational and unexpected epilogue, with Xavier Woods who incredibly won the match.

This result came after minutes of absolute domination by the champion and no one, including fans watching from the ThunderDome, expected this incredible and unexpected finale. Great revenge of the New Day member who reacts to the defeat and the massacre suffered a few weeks ago always in the red show.

This week of Raw wasn't the strongest

The last Thunderdome show is officially over after the latest episode of Raw. The ThunderDome era lasted for a while, but it was important in the course of WWE history. This week of RAW wasn't the strongest, but there were some good matches.

Ricochet defeated John Morrison in a falls count anywhere match while Rhea Ripley defeated Natalya, the latest addition to the Women's MITB Ladder Match. Interviewed after the MVP match he spoke and stated that this result really means nothing and that Lashley was deservedly the champion.

Nevertheless, the Raw Main Event saw an appointment with the usual Vip Lounge that had a different outcome than expected. Lashley only arrived in the ring after being called several times by the MVP and the girls cheering on the wrestler but this time a champion arrives in a totally different way.

The All Mighty claims that Kofi is basically right and that these 'bullshit' like women and champagne are doing nothing but weaken him and that he doesn't want that. The champion's reaction to all of this is so vehement and Lashley destroys everything, the sofa and everything in front of him by challenging Kofi and claiming that he will destroy him.

The appointment is in a few days with Bobby Lashley and Kofi Kingston who will face off at Money in the Bank in a Match for the WWE Championship.