*Spoiler* Second big loss for Bobby Lashley in recent weeks

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*Spoiler* Second big loss for Bobby Lashley in recent weeks
*Spoiler* Second big loss for Bobby Lashley in recent weeks (Provided by Wrestling World)

The episode, the last at the Thunderdome, starts immediately with a bang: Bobby Lashley Vs Woods! -Xavier Woods w Kofi Kingston Vs Bobby Lashley w MVP Lashley's strength against Woods' cunning in a nutshell. The WWE champion attempts the Dominator, but fails the attempt and out of anger throws Xavier out of the ring.

After hitting it against the stake, Bobby brings Woods' carcass back into the square… SPEAR A SIGN !!! However, the All MIghty does not seek the pin and intends to humiliate his opponent .. BOBBY LIFTS WOODS ... ROLLUP OF WOODS ...

1 ... 2 ... 3 ?? !!! CLAMOROUS TO RAW !!! XAVIER WOODS BEATS BOBBY LASHLEY !!! While the two of the New Day are celebrating like us Italians a few hours ago, Lashley goes away with his belt in his hand, pissed off like a snake!

Backstage we see MVP trying to fix everything, indicating his talk show for tonight and giving his client a way to cheer up!

Second big loss for Bobby Lashley in recent weeks

The final episode of WWE RAW in the ThunderDome kicked off with a scheduled match between Bobby Lashley and Xavier Woods.

The two superstars got down to business early, and Lashley dominated Woods early with his superior strength. This was Lashley’s second big loss in recent weeks, and the creative team seems to be building towards a change in character for the WWE Champion.

The angle could prove to work out in The All Mighty’s favor, especially if Brock Lesnar is ready to return soon. We are in Alexa's Playground and we see ALEXA BLISS admitting that she would have a lot of fun if the briefcase wins ...

BUT EVA MARIE AND DOUDROP ARE COMING! The two introduce themselves, with Eva and Alexa making fun of the name of the mammoth athlete, but the Goddess targets Eva and the latter leaves, sending little Alexa almost to that country.

Who by the sword wounds ... In the ring, we find JINDER MAHAL and his henchmen! The Maharajah takes the microphone (help) and wants to apologize to McIntyre for what happened seven days ago. DREW MCINTYRE appears and remembers the old days of 3MB… Oh well, Mahal shows the sword, but it's completely destroyed!

On the other hand, the Scot, after claiming to have a copy, shows that he is near Jinder's bike and (rightly) destroys it! And on these dramatic images, the first part of the red show ends!

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