*Spoiler* Ivar takes a victory over AJ Styles in Raw

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*Spoiler* Ivar takes a victory over AJ Styles in Raw

The second part of Raw starts backstage, where we see RIDDLE and NIKKI ASH aka CROSS talking to each other and… boh! -Fatal-4-Way Match: Alexa Bliss Vs Asuka Vs Naomi Vs Nikki Ash While I reflect on the disgusting name Nikki Ash, EVA MARIE and DOUDROP are revealed on stage, while Asuka dominates the match with several kicks and puts the opponents!

Only the Scottish superhero keeps her rope and pulls out a beautiful DDT Tornado! The empress of tomorrow performs her ASUKA LOCK ... BUT NIKKI THROWS EVERYTHING WITH AN INGENIOUS ROLLUP AND WINS THE BATTLE !!! Nikki celebrates as Alexa approaches Eva Marie and intends to unleash some curse, but Doudrop catches her and throws her over the barriers!

However, the beautiful purple girl and her "friend of hers" see Bliss's body completely evaporated! Backstage we see the VIKING RAIDERS talking about Vikings ... But go ... and say that AJ must respect the Vikings ...

bitch! The RAW COUPLE CHAMPIONS AJ STYLES & OMOS arrive in the ring! The Phenomenal thinks it is even more offensive against the Vikings and intends to take revenge for missing the opportunity to enter the MITB Ladder Match!

-Ivar w Erick Vs AJ Styles w Omos The two fight immediately with their foot on the accelerator and Styles tries to weaken Ivar's leg! However, the Viking shows great tenacity and, after having suffered a Pele Kick, he performs a very strange Splash ...


WWE Raw hosted two big singles matches

AJ Styles is stunned, while Omos is ready to avenge his friend! -Erick w Ivar Vs Omos w AJ Styles Unlike what we saw before, Omos dominates the match for a long time, showing all his strength!

Erick is unable to stem the offensive of little Lukaku and ... DOUBLE CHOKESLAM TO SIGN AND EVERYONE AT HOME !!! 1-1 EVEN AND DONE !!! Backstage we see the US SHEAMUS CHAMPION going crazy on his return, with SONYA DEVILLE laughing badly!

After a while, the Irishman accepts the fact that he has to defend the title shortly. Also backstage we see the NEW DAY exalted for the victory at the beginning of the show, with Kofi thanking MVP for distracting Lashley every week with coke and ...

No, he actually says something else but it seemed more fun to say it like this ... Re-entry of fire After a short commercial break… SHEAMUS VIOLENTLY ATTACKS HUMBERTO CARRILLO !!! The Mexican is on the ground, while the Irishman teases him and says to get ready!

-United States Championship: Sheamus (c) Vs Humberto Carrillo The Mexican can't stand up… BROGUE KICK BY SHEAMUS AND EVERYONE AT HOME !!! The Celtic Warrior intends to rage on poor Carrillo… BUT DAMIEN PRIEST IS COMING !!!

Sheamus thinks well to escape in time with the title, while the good Priest remains in the ring to assist the Mexican. And on these images ends the second part of Raw!