*Spoiler* The contest between Ricochet and John Morrison stole the show on Raw

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*Spoiler* The contest between Ricochet and John Morrison stole the show on Raw

The third and final part of Raw opens backstage, where we find RIDDLE and RICOCHET talking about Toy Story, but are interrupted by THE MIZ & JOHN MORRISON and their classic water balloon! -Falls Count Anywhere Match: Ricochet Vs John Morrison w The Miz The two almost immediately begin to exit the ring and take a ladder, positioned between the apron and the comment table.

Ricochet performs a 450 SPLASH on the barriers and is great to perform with a huge dive outside the ring, bypassing even that rascal Miz! The two are on stage and John takes a small lead, taking Ricochet backstage! We return to the stage and see the Awesome hinder Ricochet, but without success!

However, Miz uses his water guns and Morrison touches the pin ... BUT RIDDLE COMES !!! The Original Bro overturns Miz and both seem to be two turtles looking for affection ... RECOIL BY RICOCHET !!! The former NXT superstar puts Morrison on the stairs ...


Raw: The match between Ricochet and John Morrison was electric

Ricochet and John Morrison were booked for a match on WWE Raw for the third week in a row. This time, the two RAW Superstars competed in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Backstage we see DREW MCINTYRE promise fans to win Money In The Bank! -Rhea Ripley Vs Natalya w Tamina The Australian comes close to winning after a Suplex, but the Canadian reacts thanks to a nice Powerbomb! Nattie tries the SHARPSHOOTER… BUT THE RIPLEY CLICKS TO THE STRINGS… AND RETURNS THE MOVE… RIPTIDE TO SIGN !!!

1 ... 2 ... 3 !!! The red show champion celebrates… BUT CHARLOTTE FLAIR ATTACKS RHEA'S LEG FROM BEHIND… FIGURE-4 TO SIGN !!! Queen walks away satisfied, while Ripley screams in pain! Backstage we still see CHARLOTTE FLAIR reiterating that for Rhea there will be no hope for Sunday night!

Enough games! We arrived at the MVP VIP LOUNGE and in the company of his friends! The proponent of Hurt Business introduces WWE CHAMPION BOBBY LASHLEY, but the latter doesn't seem to have much desire to have fun. Indeed, the All Mighty claims that the New Day is right about the fact that MVP has weakened Lashley and intends to stop playing games ...

AND DESTROYS EVERYTHING !!! Bobby picks up the microphone and promises that at Money In The Bank he will defeat Kofi Kingston and keep the WWE title once again! And on the images of black pissed Lashley, the last RAW at the Thunderdome ends!