Vince Russo reflects on Jinder Mahal's character

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Vince Russo reflects on Jinder Mahal's character

Jinder Mahal has used his Indian origins in numerous WWE storylines over the past few years, most notably during his reign as WWE champion in 2017. In his long tenure with the Stamford-based company, he has also been painted several times as an anti-American character.

Speaking in the latest edition of 'Writing with Russo' airing on Sportskeeda, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo suggested that Vince McMahon's federation would benefit from revamping Mahal's character, possibly making him a babyface.

The former WWE Champion's aides, namely Veer and Shanky, could also help create an interesting storyline.

Vince Russo on Jinder Mahal

“Veer and Shanky are on a mission to denigrate all Americans. However, the Jinder Mahal character doesn't seem to have much to say in this capacity anymore.

Perhaps it would be better if he changed his approach to him, distancing himself from his comrades and confessing that he wanted to mend his relationship with the Americans. We must not forget that this country has welcomed him with open arms.

There may have been some discontent and differences in the past, but now it is his home” - explained Vince Russo. “At that point, the way would be cleared for him to become a face. It would be a change that no one had ever thought of, while Veer and Shanky would be presented in all respects as a heel to be included in a feud with Jinder.

People would be on his side because they would see him as the foreigner who fights for the good of the United States," he added. Russo has always been a great admirer of Mahal: “he did everything they told him to do, he is an exemplary professional.

He unfortunately he is also quite prone to injuries, but that is a separate problem. He did a good job when they made him a champion, he was able to make his character believable. But I feel that they don't trust him completely, but I don't know why”.

Jinder Mahal recently appeared in a YouTube video with chiropractic physician Dr. Beau Hightower. He said a WWE doctor discovered the second injury after his knee began to swell up. “So I showed the WWE doctor it’s swollen,” Mahal said.

“He’s like, ‘Oh, we’ll drain it.’ I’ve got my knees drained before, so he drains it. He’s like, ‘Alright, stand up, should be good.’ I went to stand up and my knee locked.

I was like, ‘Oh no.’ When all the swelling was there, I didn’t notice it but I had a torn piece of articular cartilage, so then I had to have surgery again. For that surgery, a microfracture of the femur, so then that was a really long recovery again. And here we are. So that was another nine, 10 months”.