Could Sonya Deville fight at Money in the Bank?

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Could Sonya Deville fight at Money in the Bank?

Rumors have been circulating for a few weeks now about Sonya Deville's possible return to the ring, despite the excellent work she is doing as a WWE officer alongside Adam Pearce, both for Raw and SmackDown. Since returning to the scene, after her losing a match at Summerslam last year against Mandy Rose, with whom she had to leave WWE for some time, Sonya has never returned to the company's rings to fight, but she only did.

with microphone in hand and to decide something about some dispute or some match that we then saw in some show of the company. Sonya herself had talked about her role on WWE The Bump, saying, “I love being in charge of something, so I love my current role.

Despite everything, I remain an athlete and a fighter, but at the moment I'm really loving this role. I don't see the end of this thing in a very short time." Are you excited about Sonya Deville's imminent return to action for WWE? Do you think she could return as early as this Sunday at Money in the Bank?

Latest update on Sonya Deville

Ringside News reported that Sonya Deville was due to return to the ring around the time of Wrestlemania, but the Stamford company continued to nullify this idea, but things seem to have changed now.

As reported by Fightful Select in the last few hours, Sonya Deville could return to the ring "immediately" if things remain as planned. It seems that her idea is to make her compete in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

There's still a place available within this match for Sunday 18 July, in fact, Sonya Deville, through a tweet on her profile, announced the penultimate to enter the match card: Natalya. Could Sonya at this point decide to use her WWE officer advantage to enter the match and try to win the suitcase to become champion? If we think about it in recent months in her role, the woman has learned to know the other athletes very well, she may know their strengths but also their weaknesses.

While plans in WWE constantly change, it would be a nice surprise to see The Pridefighter return this weekend to seemingly continue her feud with Liv Morgan that has been taking place over the last couple of weeks on SmackDown.

Sonya Deville returning to the ring would presumably once again leave Adam Pearce as the sole authority figure on RAW and SmackDown, which is probably something that no one will complain about. This will be an interesting development to follow over the next couple of days as there is still one open spot in the Women's Money in the Bank Ladder match that has yet to be announced.