Kelsey Heather has been doing something special

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Kelsey Heather has been doing something special

In the world of wrestling, collaborations between federations are now on the agenda, and they often find themselves exchanging wrestlers for their weekly shows, for stories that serve as a side dish and for others that can be important.

We have seen AEW join forces with IMPACT for example, or WWE which in the last 30 years has used several major American companies, such as OVW, FCW or EVOLVE, to grow its talents in a development sector, such as it had been NXT in the early years.

A possible collaboration between AEW and WWE had obviously also been discussed, with Kenny Omega wanting to say about him: “I think Triple H is one of the few old-fashioned athletes, one of those who can still be trusted.

Just look at the contribution he has made to NXT's growth over the past few years and how he manages the business on behalf of WWE. I think he really does it for the good of the fans. When he says WWE is open to doing business with other companies, I think he's sincere."

But for now, nothing has ever happened, with this "war" that is taking place between the two companies, which obviously, as it should be, are both trying to be at the top of wrestling. But recently a very curious thing happened with a wrestler.

Leyla's powerful wrestling base proved difficult for Kelsey Heather to deal with as the AEW debutant desperately clutched onto the ropes. Heather missed her pump kick and got laid out with a German suplex. A running knee strike and the inevitable armbar got AEW's most "Legit" performer a victory!

Kelsey Heather and the power of doubling

Indies wrestler Kelsey Heather first appeared on Raw as one of the women who have been supporting MVP and Bobby Lashley for weeks now, and then at AEW Dark Elevation, where she fought a match against Leyla.

Hirsch. It is the first time a female wrestler has done double duty in both WWE and AEW on the same night. Obviously, it must be taken into account that the episode of Raw was recorded last Tuesday, while that of Dark Elevation last Wednesday.

It would be curious to hear the woman's story about this experience, also to learn more about the background of a person who still had the opportunity to work for both companies, even if in a totally different way. Scorpio Sky took Shawn Dean to the mat with a leg trip to begin the match.

The Captain executed some eye-catching offense, but Sky was a sly customer as he suckered Dean into an explosive facebuster.