WWE has some surprises in mind for this weekend

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WWE has some surprises in mind for this weekend

With the latest episode of Raw, we officially said goodbye to the so-called Pandemic Era, which within itself included the Performance Center Era and the Thunderdome Era and luckily we are getting closer to returning to the road.

It also seems that WWE is working to bring a new stage to Raw and SmackDown, a sign that everything is ready to start again in a big way, as only wrestling can be done anymore. It will be a bit strange, however, to see everything as before, or almost.

In fact, after a year and a half, the perception of things will be a little different, for the fans, for the fighters and for the company, but we are sure that it will take little to get used to it.

Should we expect any surprises from the WWE?

The McMahon-owned company will kick off their post-pandemic road tour this Friday with Friday Night SmackDown and then continue on Sunday with the pay-per-view Money In The Bank.

Apparently during these two events, there will be big surprises waiting for us. According to the Twitter account Wrestle Votes, which is always super updated on everything that happens in the world of wrestling, especially in WWE, there are some very "cool and exciting" plans for this weekend: "With the Thunderdome officially at their shoulders, a source claims WWE has some cool and exciting things planned for this weekend….

Expect a surprise or two. Truly a pivotal moment in recent WWE history”. Obviously, our imagination can start to fly here, if we also think of all the rumors that have come out in recent months about various important returns such as John Cena, Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Becky Lynch and so on.

Or is there something else that the company has kept well under wraps? Time will tell! Enter, The Tribal Chief. As was the case with Jey Uso, Baron Corbin could be elevated to the next level if he is allied with Roman Reigns.

It also allows him, in time, to turn babyface and break out of the shackles that bind him to his Tribal Chief. Yes, it does look like WWE SmackDown star King Corbin will turn face very soon indeed, but that may not be the wisest course of action.

Telling a long-term story involving the top heel in the company with him may be the only way to get the audience to like him.