Edge talks about his WWE future

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Edge talks about his WWE future
Edge talks about his WWE future (Provided by Wrestling World)

After a long wait, which lasted over a year, WWE will be back 'on the Road' this week and will once again see the public protagonists of its events. There was really a lot of anticipation for all of this, the last year saw Covid as the protagonist in spite of itself and the situation had degenerated up to this good news, announced only a few weeks ago.

WWE has announced that there will be several surprises for the Friday Night Smackdown and Monday Night Raw shows with the company wanting the best for dates with the return of the public. During the last episode of The Bump, also broadcast from a WWE perspective, the Rated-R Superstar Edge discussed the match that will take place on Friday night with Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik against the WWE Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and against the Usos.

It will be a special night especially for Dominik who has never fought in front of the fans and will therefore see his debut.

Edge is all set to challenge Universal Champion Roman Reigns

Edge discussed this but also his future and how much time objectively he has left to live in the ring.

Here are his words: "It's great, Rey and I have talked about it, it will be Dom's first match in front of the crowd and it's extraordinary. I look no further and savor it all. I just want to sit back and enjoy these experiences, I am aware that this window will not be open for a long time and that I have to enjoy every moment." For the first time, Dominik Mysterio will be able to show the world his qualities live and show alongside his father and the Rated-R Superstar why he is considered one of the most interesting prospects around.

Right now Edge has returned to Smackdown after several weeks of absence after Wrestlemania 37 and is ready for the Hell in A Cell Main Event where he will challenge current company champion Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship.

Edge also remembered one of Rhyno's one-line promos for Kurt Angle and the collective reaction of all members of the faction. Here's what Edge had to say: "I mean, my guy, you can see the smile on my face. I'm with my buddies because we all rode together.

We all like, whether all four of us got in the same car together or maybe not because Rhyno can be a bit of a thing. Won't pay for a thing. Like we'll get to tolls, 'Oh sorry guys, my wallet's in the trunk.' Yeah, okay, Rhyno.

But it really was so much fun, you know, when you can go out there and perform with guys you consider friends that you have chemistry with."

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