New stages are coming for WWE SmackDown and Raw

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New stages are coming for WWE SmackDown and Raw

On Friday, July 16, WWE is finally back live with the public and it will surely be a truly beautiful thing that no one will ever forget, after a year and a half locked in various structures fighting and for fans locked in the house watching everything through a screen.

But of course, there are some changes necessary to be able to renew the product and make it come back even stronger than it was left between February and March of 2020, to keep the interest of the WWE Universe alive. Obviously, there is a great job to do with regards to the matches, so we need an interesting card that can also anticipate Money In The Bank which will be there on Sunday, we need new costumes and even a renewed stage.

On this last point, Stephanie McMahon is very much in the mood for spoilers. In fact, she was also the one to tell us something about Summerslam, which we know will exceptionally be held on Saturday 21 August in Las Vegas.

WWE pulled a huge surprise this week when Mandy Rose showed up on NXT. We later got to know that Rose has been traded to NXT from RAW in exchange for Aliyah. This isn't the first time WWE has traded superstars between brands.

AJ Styles was moved to SmackDown from Raw in exchange for superstars whose names were revealed later.

WWE pulled a huge surprise this week

Forbes had an interesting conversation with Stephanie McMahon who confirmed that WWE Friday Night SmackDown (and Raw) will debut a new stage with live fans in Houston.

The plans are to use even more digital reality and augmented reality, making the entrances of the various athletes even more spectacular and engaging, also because the entrances are a fundamental part of wrestling, useful to charge the public.

McMahon, however, did not reveal many details, leaving that aura of mystery that makes everything even more interesting and certainly intrigues, then leading the fans to want to stay glued to the screen, for those who will not be present at the arena, and enjoy the renewed show.

These are her words: “We have learned a lot during this period, using all these different techniques and we are ready to merge the physical world with the virtual one as never before. […] From a technological point of view, I think we are constantly reinventing ourselves.

While we were using some of these techniques, I think the key lessons during COVID absolutely accelerated the adoption of these technologies in this way."