Big E on Conor McGregor's possible arrival in WWE

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Big E on Conor McGregor's possible arrival in WWE

Over the past few years, there have been frequent rumors about a possible collaboration between WWE and UFC legend Conor McGregor. Vicente Beltran, a well-known correspondent for 'ViBe & Wrestling', recently caught up with Big E to discuss everything related to the Stamford federation.

When the 'McGregor' argument surfaced, the celebrated New Day member was skeptical about the opportunity for the Irishman to get involved in the world of wrestling. Conor was the victim of a serious injury in the last match played in the octagon against Poirier, having fractured his ankle near the end of the first round.

The wonderful setting of Las Vegas held their breath before the doctors announced the stop and awarded the American victory.

Big E opens up on Conor McGregor

“I assume Conor McGregor will continue to fight in the UFC.

When it comes to collaborating with athletes from other disciplines, I will never roll my eyes or get angry if a celebrity gets the chance to perform in WWE. I'm not running this company and I don't waste my time thinking about who gets hired.

It is clear that if someone like McGregor arrived in WWE, with all the hype that is already around him, he would receive a lot of attention," explained Big E. "I think it would be worth investing in him, I would have absolutely no problems.

I wouldn't mind such a choice at all. There would probably be a myriad of positive repercussions for us too, so my thumb is up. The only thing that would worry me is the legal issues. I am proud when I look around our locker room and see good people obeying the law.

I'm not saying that everything is perfect, but things are going well right now,” he added. On the eve of UFC 264: Poirier vs. McGregor, former Raw champion Becky Lynch had lent her voice to a special promo to present the challenge.

We'll see if her compatriot chooses to follow in Tyson Fury's footsteps. Speaking to talkSPORT, Big E recently revealed that Vince McMahon had plans to split them after the famous KofiMania storyline in 2019 and directly told them about his plans.

He added that they told McMahon that they didn't want to do it at that time. “I know there were rumours for a while that certain things were pitched, but I think because we had been so adamant about not wanting to be broken up I think that’s where people were like, ‘Ehhh, I don’t know if we should because they really don’t want it.’ I can’t really divulge the conversation, but even from the top of the business, the very head of what we do – you know exactly who I’m talking about – he directly told us, ‘Hey, this is the idea’, and we said, ‘We’re not feeling it.’ This was post-KofiMania. There were people who wanted it earlier (than that) as well," said Big E.