Tucker discusses his relationship with Otis


Tucker discusses his relationship with Otis

One of the superstars released in recent months in WWE is Levi Cooper, also known in WWE as Tucker Knight of Heavy Machinery. He was interviewed and talked to Dr. Chris Featherstone during Sportkeeda Wrestling's UnSKripted. The Q&A session featured Tucker addressing several fan questions regarding his career, WWE release, partnership with Otis, and more.

Tucker speaks about Otis

During the interview, Tucker talked about his relationship with WWE and in particular with Otis. Here are his words: "Otis and I have a kind of brotherhood that knows how to be very genuine, I notice him standing around him even outside the ring.

Even now that I'm no longer in WWE we hear from each other every week, I love that man. I only wish him success throughout his WWE history and I have virtually no doubt that at some point and along the way we will get back together and do great things.

Whether he's in WWE or not, I believe this will happen." Tucker was a full eight years in WWE and the former 24/7 Champion was released last April. Despite a great job, Tucker pointed out that he never received an accurate response explaining the federation's decision to release Vince McMahon.

Regarding his possible new path, Tucker then declared: "I think there are a lot of complex things that happened in there, but in the end, I was not prepared enough and I was unable to take the opportunities that were given to me.

For me, everything happens for a reason, the important thing is the journey. I take things as lessons and I can certainly say that I certainly don't feel emotion about it. I've been five and a half years with NXT and two and a half years with the main roster and certainly, WWE has given me important professional training for this business, I can't wait to get it right and I certainly still want to forge my own.

path in the best way." Tucker and Otis are more than just on-screen partners and their union will continue outside the wrestling world, but who knows if we'll see them both fighting together in a ring. Tucker also delved deeper into the reasons for his undoing in the WWE.

The former 24/7 Champion was released in April, leaving the company without any credible creative direction. Tucker stated that while there were many complex variables involved in his WWE exit, he might never receive an accurate answer explaining the company's decision.