Dana Brooke engaged to a professional boxer

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Dana Brooke engaged to a professional boxer

How would someone sing "Love is in the air" and WWE is full of love lately, in fact, we told you about two weddings last week: Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins, and Kay Lee Rae and Stevie Boy Xavier who married in low-key ceremonies.

And now there's another WWE superstar who's planning to marry the love of her life: Dana Brooke. Dana Brooke's love life has always been a bit at the center of attention, for positive things but unfortunately for negative things too; in fact, going back a little over the years, Dana for example was in 2015 together with Dolph Ziggler.

Then in 2017, however, quite devastating news came out. At the age of 26, Dallas McCarver, life partner of the fighter who unfortunately had some health problems that led him to faint during the Arnold Classic Australia, died.

Dana Brooke began dating Ulysses Diaz in December 2019

More recently, between 2019 and 2020, Dana Brooke's name was juxtaposed with that of the now wrestling legend Batista, when the two exchanged messages on Twitter that were initially thought to be in jest, but then Dana had confirmed.

In fact, Brooke had also said: "From the beginning, Dave and I have cultivated a great relationship, we share a lot in common regarding our world." But then the two had stopped seeing each other, due to their commitments that did not coincide and Dana had started dating boxer Uly Diaz, while maintaining a good relationship with Dave Bautista.

Diaz recently proposed to Brooke and the video was shared on the boxer's Instagram page. The couple began dating in December 2019 and have shared several videos and pictures on their Instagram pages that show them pushing each other in the ring.

Ulysses Diaz has taught Dana Brooke some of his MMA offense, which has gone on to help the RAW superstar in her WWE career. Whilst the couple have been open about their relationship over the past year, several fans are still unaware of who Ulysses Diaz is. The following article looks at just five facts about the star that every WWE fan needs to know.