Jimmy Uso's arrest leads to wife Naomi deleting her Twitter account

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Jimmy Uso's arrest leads to wife Naomi deleting her Twitter account

In recent days, a new legal scandal has hit Jimmy Uso and, consequently, WWE as well. Jey's twin was in fact arrested by the American police, for the umpteenth time, after being found driving his car in a state of intoxication, after drinking several beers and having exceeded the speed limit well.

The performance of Jimmy's car in fact made the officers who were on duty suspicious, both because of the speed that was too high and because the continuous skidding of the car, which obviously led the policemen to stop the driver, who was then found unable to stay in balance on your feet, let alone drive.

After paying yet another bail, Jimmy Uso is released from jail, but for him, the troubles seem only at the beginning, since the WWE would be abundantly tired of his legal problems and also considering that the crime committed has been repeated several times and could now end up in front of a judge to be heard.

In a massive development that could have been avoided, Naomi deleted her Twitter handle after several social media trolls blamed her for her husband Jimmy Uso's latest DUI arrest.

Jimmy Uso was arrested on yet another DUI charge

One of the people who have been most affected by this story is obviously the athlete of Monday Night Raw, Naomi, wife of Jimmy Uso, who had already shared such difficult moments with him a few years ago.

One of the last times that Jimmy had been arrested, in fact, Naomi was with him and it was precisely from a quarrel between the two that the agents were arrested, realizing the unhealthy and balanced state of the wrestler.

In the last few hours, Naomi looks to have preferred to delete or otherwise deactivate her Twitter account, after receiving dozens and hundreds of messages of teasing, threats and derision from some WWE fans, who have not stopped short of anything and continue to judge and mock the serious problems of a couple who should always be helped and supported.

We'll see if in the next few weeks his profile will come back online or if this time Naomi has preferred to delete him forever, but the most important thing will be to see if the two will continue to safely take part in the shows of the McMahon-owned wrestling federation or if there will be any heavy changes also at work, after what happened through legal channels.

Jimmy Uso has had an unsatisfactory history with DUI-related charges. His most recent arrest was not what WWE management wanted, especially during Roman Reigns' high-profile Samoan family saga. As revealed first by WrestleVotes, high-ranking WWE officials were very disappointed with Jimmy.

However, the company didn't noticeably punish him on the last Smackdown as he got more TV time than usual.