Arturo Ruas on Shane McMahon’s Involvement in RAW Underground

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Arturo Ruas on Shane McMahon’s Involvement in RAW Underground

Arturo Ruas is a former NXT Superstar and he recently spoke about Shane McMahon’s involvement in RAW Underground. He spoke about this on the Wrestling Inc. Daily. Most wrestling’s fans do not know about Shane’s actual involvement, even though he was present on screen very often.

Arturo revealed that he was involved heavily behind the scenes as well.

Arturo Ruas Speaks about Shane McMahon Being Involved in RAW Underground

“Yes, he was,” Ruas revealed. “He trained as well. Me and him, I have a friend in common, Renzo Gracie, and the Gracie family is friends of my family in Brazil, the Jaoude family.

And I talked to Renzo often, and he (McMahon) trains Jiu-Jitsu with Renzo Gracie. And when I met him, like years before, at WrestleMania in catering, he did that match, and I was like, ‘Shane, your punches are cool,’ and he was punching me and we had a talk.

“And I met him after on RAW Underground, and he is a cool guy. He’s amazing, and he always wants to help you and teach you. He was helping to produce the matches, and because of my Jiu-Jitsu background, I felt that he was trying to build me there in that environment.

It was fun, and he knew all the moves I used to do. He was calling the match on the fly because he trained. It was a good experience”. Shane supported RAW Underground right till the very end. Arturo spoke about whether RAW Underground was Shane’s vision for pro-wrestling.

“He never told me that it was his idea,” Ruas noted. “Vince was on the set. He came on the first week. He was looking at the papers and talking to people. Shane was, all the time, with the many producers there, and I don’t believe that one person had the idea.

They have a team. They talk. They bring ideas up. I played. I had fun”. He answered whether or not he had any interaction with Shane McMahon during his time there. “I didn’t have the chance to talk to him because of the virus, so people were staying away,” Ruas said.

“I didn’t feel the necessity to go to him and talk to him because he was very busy. He came in. He talked with some guys, talked to some producers and left. I knew he was behind the whole thing”.