Buddy Murphy Comments on Future Following WWE Release

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Buddy Murphy Comments on Future Following WWE Release

Buddy Murphy was a rising star in WWE and he spoke about his future plans following his WWE release. Many believe that Buddy would have been a great superstar in WWE. That is why many people were surprised when Buddy was released by WWE recently.

Just like many other superstars that were released, Buddy Murphy can’t compete against the WWE. That means for 90 days, Murphy can’t join any other promotion. Only after his non-compete clause expires, Buddy can start working for a promotion such as All Elite Wrestling, where he will most likely do well.

Buddy Murphy Speaks About the 90-day non-compete clause

Buddy Murphy had quite a few amazing feuds in his short time under the spotlight in WWE. He even shared the ring multiple times with Roman Reigns who is still considered one of the most popular superstars in WWE right now.

Murphy spoke about the 90 days clause with Chri Van Vliet. “The 90 days is to kill all buzz and all hype,” Murphy said. “It’s so you don’t have any momentum when you go somewhere else. I’m not going to blow my load in the first week.

I have to expand it over the 3 months. That’s why I drop the progress photo. Then I will drop something else. I feel like they hoard a lot of talent, and now they are saturating the talent. It is a business move I believe they are making.

If you send out 3 guys, they can do what they want. If you send out 40 guys, the work gets cut. But wrestling can boom again. Now the pandemic is ending, more talent can go to the indies, and the fans can see it all”. Buddy Murphy will fight Brian Cage at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia for the Battleground Championship Wrestling promotion.

The fight will take place on 18th September. This is actually going to be Buddy’s first post-WWE match. That might see him appear for other AEW PPV and events as well. Some released WWE Superstars, such as Aleister Black, have already appeared in AEW.

AEW has made it clear that they will not hire all the superstars that WWE releases. In fact, some WWE Superstars actually couldn’t make it to AEW and had to join other promotions such as Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, or the NWA.