Edge on Teaming Up With the Mysterios for Upcoming Match

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Edge on Teaming Up With the Mysterios for Upcoming Match

Edge was set to team up with the Mysterios to wrestle the team of The Usos and Roman Reigns. The match will take place during a Live Smackdown event on FOX, as WWE returns to touring the US. During the pandemic, the WWE had to host shows within the Performance Center inside empty arenas.

Since the pandemic is nearly over, WWE is beginning to tour again.

Edge on Teaming Up With Mysterios

This is the statement that Edge released ahead of their match: “This Friday I get to do something I never thought I’d do again.

Share a ring with @619iamlucha and team with his son @dominik_35 for the first time ever. I don’t want this to get too syrupy but let’s face it, I don’t know how much longer Rey or I do this crazy thing called wrestling.

I do know the window is closing. So this Friday on Smackdown, I’m gonna savor it. I get to share the ring, maybe for the last time, with my dear friend who I can honestly say I love. We’ve been through a lot together over the years.

We’ve won tag team titles together, battled each other(one of my favorite opponents), laughed until we cried and lost dear friends. But I know that the chemistry we’ve had since day one will still be there. Rey is a living legend.

It’s tossed around too much, but in this case it is without one iota of a doubt, true. And to be here for even a tiny part of Dom’s ride? Man, I’m so proud to go out there with them. In front of our people. Finally.

Can’t wait Houston. Can’t wait”. Rey Mysterio replied back to Edge by saying: “DAMN YOU [heart eyes emoji x 2] @edgeratedr I’m fkn speechless & it will be very hard to top this [thumbs up emoji]!!

You know very well I have nothing but L[blue heart emoji]ve & respect for you & your family & have constantly accepted the fact that we are both blessed 2 be able 2 be in this grind as long as we have, on top of having the opportunity of seeing my son @dominik_35 #Mysterio (aKa) pandemic boy: career take-off during this Covid era……..You said this last week @TV ‘I’ve known Dom since he was a lil boy and just got chills knowing that all 3 of us will be sharing the ring!!’.

Dom is really stoked, we’re both so excited & cant wait for Friday Night #Smackdown in H-town & you will be officially known as EdgeO Doms Godfather in his first match (w/fans) post-pandemic! Love you so much EdgeO, we are so FKN pumped!!

Let’s do this one for Eddie [folded hands emoji] [blue heart emoji] [Mexican flag emoji] [fist emoji] #VivaLaRaza [Mexican flag emoji]”