Sean Waltman on NWO Week and WWE Going on Tour Again

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Sean Waltman on NWO Week and WWE Going on Tour Again

Sean Waltman is better known as X-Pac in WWE and he recently spoke about NWO Week, and WWE starting to tour again. The WWE had to hold their shows in empty arenas ever since the pandemic started. They couldn’t have a live crowd.

In fact, WrestleMania events took place in empty arenas as well. However, since most of the US is now vaccinated, the WWE can not only start touring again but also held their first on-tour Smackdown live event on Fox on 16th July.

Sean Waltman on The Fans Returning to Watch WWE Event Live

Sean first spoke about the NWO weekend. “It was so nice. It was a really good experience,” Waltman expressed. “They had me sign some WWE Topps cards.

This set of cards, they were gold plated. They told me the set cost $15,000. I sat down for some talking head stuff. They’re doing a documentary on the SmackDown after 9/11. I have vivid memories of all that. We were the first ones to do anything after that happened”.

He then spoke about the post 9/11 Smackdown episode that took place years ago. The WWE is going to actually create a documentary about that episode. “No. Obviously, I was traumatized like the rest of the nation,” Waltman noted.

“But as far as being scared for anything locally, no. I don’t like to get on planes too much anymore, but they made it worth it for me”. The Smackdown event will take place this week. Sean is excited about seeing the fans return.

He also stated that there is a lot of excitement backstage. “I’m really interested to see how the crowds react to all the Superstars as compared to how creative thinks they’re gonna react, or how they’re hoping.

Let’s see how that works out,” Waltman stated. “This is a whole new chapter for Roman Reigns’ career. This is on a whole new level compared to s**t he’s done in the past. I think the crowds will take to him exactly how they should.

Some will boo, some will cheer because he’s so freakin’ great right now. It’s hard not to, but I think it’s working, at least that’s working how they want it to”. Sean Waltman is best known for his performance during the Attitude Era as a member of D'Generation X. He was an integral part of the team and he was inducted into The WWE Hall of Fame with his other team members.