Sheamus gets engaged in Ireland

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Sheamus gets engaged in Ireland

2021 is a year that has brought great love to wrestling superstars in terms of love, as we have had several engagements and weddings that have led us to love many couples in this business. For example, someone got married while remaining a partner in the wrestling field, as we saw with Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins, who let us know about the marriage with the Messiah who decided to post a photo of Becky outdoors, with the words, “It seems like a nice day to (finally) get married”.

Or in the case of Kay Lee Ray and Stevie Boy Xavier, who posted photos of the two of them at their party with friends and relatives present to celebrate with them. Instead, outside the WWE, Chelsea Green announced that she will soon marry Matt Cardona: "I'm happy and I'll tell you that once I met Matt and after realizing he was the right one, to spend the rest of his life together, it was strange to get married right away.

He proposed it to me two and a half years ago." But surely the most recent and fresh engagement is the one between the Raw fighter Dana Brooke and the boxer Ulysses Diaz, they too shared the news on social media, specifically on Instagram, with various photos and various videos.

WWE United States Champion Sheamus is winning both in his professional as well as personal life. Sheamus is now engaged to be married to his partner Isabella Revilla. Excellent news on the love front also for the "Celtic Warrior" Sheamus, who proposed to his partner and later shared the news through a post on Instagram.

Sheamus has been one of the top stars for the promotion

Beautiful message from the girlfriend, very full of love that will surely start a "new" life together in the right way possible for the two. During a recent appearance on Sportskeeda Wrestling's UnSKripted with Chris Featherstone, former WWE Superstar Killian Dain, now known as Big Damo, had huge praise for Sheamus.

"Sheamus has really been the standard-bearer for Irish wrestling," said Dain. "He's been a World Champion. He's done everything in this industry. He's such an inspiration for everyone back home. Because he's proof that if you get yourself in good enough shape if you work hard enough, you can make your own luck. And he definitely did that."