*Spoiler* Finn Balor returned on SmackDown's historic episode

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*Spoiler* Finn Balor returned on SmackDown's historic episode

On 16th July, the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown was aired which saw the WWE Universe as the great protagonist, which finally returned to be seen and heard in the arenas to support the company. As WWE Chairman Vince McMahon also said: "Where the hell have you been?" And that's a really good question because it was so obvious from the very first moment how crucial the live audience in wrestling is, like the chants, the yells to cheer on the athletes, the voices coming together to sing the theme songs and all the rest.

However, as we had already anticipated in recent days, the WWE was really ready and prepared to start the on the road experience again, in fact, starting from this episode of the blue brand, there were several very pleasant surprises.

WWE Superstar Finn Balor returned on SmackDown's historic episode this week. The former Universal Champion arrived on the blue brand amidst a thunderous pop. He had his eyes set on Sami Zayn, who was inside the ring, complaining about how WWE often overlooks him.

Finn Balor casually interrupted Zayn's segment

Immediately after the first match, which was the team match between Edge with Mysterios and Roman Reigns and Usos, Sami Zayn entered the scene to talk to fans about the plot he has been carrying out for some time.

In fact, the Canadian claims that the WWE is cheating him, making him lose the various matches in an incorrect way, practically since he lost the intercontinental title, so much so that he went further and even shot a documentary.

But with the public return, she clung to the fact that with all those eyes watching over the matches, the WWE Universe will be able to witness him, helping him to confirm his conspiracy theory. But someone got tired of hearing him babbling and that someone is Finn Balor.

In fact, on Friday night the Irishman, former NXT champion and first WWE universal champion made his return to the main roster, with a wonderful welcome from the audience who was very h*t and who together with him spread their arms to the rhythm of his theme song.

Bálor attacked Zayn and then ended his attack with a Coup de Grace, much to the delight of all present. What to say? Welcome back, Prince. Finn Balor wasted no time in letting his intentions known by attacking Zayn on WWE SmackDown.

Zayn tried to land the first blow, but Balor managed to turn around and drop him. He then dropkicked Zayn against the turnbuckles and hit him with the Coup de Grace.