Kurt Angle reveals how much he earned in his first year in WWE

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Kurt Angle reveals how much he earned in his first year in WWE

Kurt Angle was one of the symbols of the modern era, although there was a lot of skepticism when he made his WWE debut. The former heavyweight champion did a remarkable job to be able to be appreciated, especially on the microphone, where at first he struggled enormously to let go.

As wrestling fans will know, the epilogue of his career didn't live up to expectations for a number of reasons. The countless physical problems have affected his performance in the last years of activity, relegating him to a secondary role that did not suit a champion of his caliber.

The former Olympic gold medalist wanted to face John Cena before retiring, but the Bostonian’s Hollywood commitments prevented this 'dream match' from materializing. Angle's latest opponent was Baron Corbin, who beat him amid controversy at WrestleMania 35.

During the latest edition of his podcast, Kurt stated that he hoped to make a million dollars in his first year at WWE. At the time, the Stamford federation only guaranteed $ 75,000 to rookies.

Kurt Angle recalls his first year in WWE

"The guaranteed figure for freshmen was $ 75,000 at the time.

When I signed my first deal with WWE, I remember telling Jim Ross that I could make a million in my first year. Contrary to his expectations, in the end, I made it. To be sure, I didn't really expect to make a million dollars in my rookie year, especially since I didn't have any kind of merchandise.

There was no crowd of people buying Kurt Angle stuff on the shelves, other than the fact that I was a heel. I was paid only to fight and I proved my worth. I received a million dollars that year with almost no merchandise of any kind.

Maybe I got $ 30,000 or $ 40,000 for merchandising, no more. I made a lot of money from wrestling and kept my word with JR,” said Kurt Angle. The WWE Hall of Famer was a recent guest on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast where he delved into his move from WWE to TNA in 2006, and the success he enjoyed in the promotion.

“I actually had a better career there,” said Kurt Angle. “I hate to admit it because WWE was the big company, but I got better. I was only in the business for six and a half years when I switched to TNA, and that was the prime of my career.

I mean, my matches with Samoa Joe, Sting, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, all those guys, I had a really great career there."