Edge discusses John Cena's possible WWE return

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Edge discusses John Cena's possible WWE return

Edge and John Cena wrote some of the most memorable pages in recent WWE history. The two embarked on a long feud around the mid-2000s, but fate would have it that they never faced each other at WrestleMania, the most important pay-per-view of the entire calendar.

Speaking at the latest edition of the 'Kurt Angle Show', the 11-time world champion spoke of his rivalry with the leader of the 'Cenation', who should be about to make his return to the ring. The Bostonian does not play an official match from WrestleMania 36, but the return of the public to the arenas and the progressive approach to normality are factors that can facilitate his return to WWE.

Cena could make an appearance at SummerSlam, even if it is not at all easy to reconcile the activity on the square with his numerous commitments in Hollywood.

Edge comments on John Cena

"The one thing I've always regretted about the feud between me and John Cena is the fact that we never met at WrestleMania in a single match.

This is truly amazing, isn't it? Especially since we have worked together many times. It could happen one day, never say never,” said Edge, who will be one of the protagonists of Money in the Bank on Sunday. The Canadian revealed that his angle with Cena shouldn't have lasted more than three weeks.

“From what I was told when we started collaborating, our storyline should have run out before WrestleMania 22. I think we worked so well together in those three weeks that it prompted the management to change their strategy.

Ratings had risen, merchandising was selling like h*t cakes, everything had improved in that period. Eventually, our angle continued for about a year and a half, night after night. He is an extraordinary performer who loves to hear the shouts of the crowd.

In a way, he resembles Eddie Vedder. I found the same type of approach, I don't know if I understand myself,” he commented. Edge also remembered one of Rhyno's one-line promos for Kurt Angle and the collective reaction of all members of the faction.

"You can see the smile on my face. I'm with my buddies because we all rode together. We all like, whether all four of us got in the same car together or maybe not because Rhyno can be a bit of a thing. Won't pay for a thing.

Like we'll get to tolls, 'Oh sorry guys, my wallet's in the trunk.' Yeah, okay, Rhyno. But it really was so much fun, you know, when you can go out there and perform with guys you consider friends that you have chemistry with."