*Spoiler* How did the crowd react to the new avatar of Roman Reigns?

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*Spoiler* How did the crowd react to the new avatar of Roman Reigns?

The episode opens with the entry of Chairman Mr McMahon! Dear old Vince enjoys the applause of the audience and welcomes everyone back, but luckily he understands the situation and says nothing else, immediately leaving the stage to kick off the first match.

The WWE Universe returns live and does not want to hear too much talk, so the WWE satisfies him by starting immediately with a good match between the protagonists of the last period. Roman Reigns & The Usos vs Edge & The Mysterios.

In the end, Rey tries the 619 on Jey but is blocked by Reigns, who takes him out of the ring and slams him into the apron. SPEAR OF EDGE FROM NOTHING! The Rated R Superstar knocks the champion out of the square, but in the ring, Jimmy manages to hit the San Diego Goblin without being seen and ...

JEY ROLLUP! .. 1 ... 2 ... 3! After the match, the Usos knock out Rey and Dominik, but Edge intervenes and hits the Samoans with a chair. SUPERMAN PUNCH BY REIGNS! The Tribal Chief doesn't stand by and knocks out his challenger on Sunday, then pulls off part of the chair to return the favor after what has happened at Wrestlemania and in recent weeks.

How did the crowd react to the new avatar of Roman Reigns?

SPEAR OF EDGE! The Hall Of Famer recovers faster than expected and in the end, it is he who closes Roman Reigns again in a Crossface with the support of the piece of iron taken from the chair.

Edge comes out triumphant and poses with the belt, but will we see the same Sunday at Money In The Bank? -In the backstage Edge, interviewed by Kayla Braxton, he is convinced that he can defeat Roman Reigns using the same methods as him.

SETH ROLLINS STAYS! The Messiah says he will cheer for Edge, but he will win the briefcase and exploit it so he can finish what he started 7 years ago and break his neck. Not very nice the architect tonight. IT'S ALL A PLOT - Sami Zayn reaches the ring!

The Canadian says that the return of the public and the new stage are just distractions so as not to point out that he is not in the Money In The Bank match, but it is all a conspiracy and he does not even like Texans very much.

FINN BALOR THEME STARTS! BALOR BACK IN MAIN ROSTER! I write it with enthusiasm and all caps out of habit, in reality, I don't know if I'm so happy about it. Zayn welcomes Finn back and attempts to attack him, but is immediately knocked down and...

COUP DE GRACE! The match was well-balanced between both the teams. All six superstars took turns asserting their in-ring dominance on WWE SmackDown. Reigns and Edge focused on each other for most of the match while The Usos kept an eye out for Rey and Dominik Mysterio.