*Spoiler* Cesaro returned to in-ring action to face Otis


*Spoiler* Cesaro returned to in-ring action to face Otis

Cesaro vs Otis. In the final Cesaro is having the best, but Chad Gable decides to attack him from behind with a perfectly executed German Suplex. DISQUALIFICATION FOR OTIS! The Swiss reacts immediately and spins Shorty with his Swing, but is attacked by Otis, which ends with the Vader Bomb.

Backstage Paul Heyman, on the microphone of Kayla Braxton, says that Edge has not realized what he did tonight, but in Money In The Bank he will pay dearly. BIG E INTERVENES! He makes the typical presentation of New Day, but dedicating it to Heyman and presenting himself as the future winner of the briefcase.

Baron Corbin enters the ring! The former King says he is obviously in trouble, he no longer has his crown, he has no money and they are about to foreclose on his house, but we can all help him by supporting the crowdfunding party on the site.

An infinite sadness, with Corbin saying that his daughter is hungry and even kneels to ask for help. In order not to sound too ''good'', however, Baron is keen to point out that he knows how stingy they are in Texas. Yes, of course, with this latest release you have played every hope of receiving even a single penny.

KEVIN OWENS ARRIVES! Corbin is not intimidated and says he knows KO has a heart. STUNNER! Baron does not come out very well, but we are ready for the main event.

Cesaro returned to in-ring action to face Otis

This week on WWE SmackDown, Cesaro returned to in-ring action as he was scheduled to face Otis in a singles match.

Although The Swiss Superman was eventually declared the winner, the entire booking was quite underwhelming. He won the match via disqualification after Chad Gable entered the ring and delivered a German Suplex. MAIN EVENT: Kevin Owens vs Big E vs Seth Rollins vs Shinsuke Nakamura.

In the end, Owens does one of his usual follies and, finding Nakamura lying on the commentator's table, decides to climb the highest ladder possible and launch himself on the Japanese. Just to pass the time. In the ring, meanwhile, Big E tries his finisher on Rollins, but he breaks free, puts him on his knees with a kick and ...

STOMP ON THE SCALE! .. 1 ... 2 ... 3! With Seth climbing the ladder and taking the briefcase this episode of the blue show ends.

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