Jeff Jarrett Speaks About WCW’s Creative Process vs That Of WWE’s

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Jeff Jarrett Speaks About WCW’s Creative Process vs That Of WWE’s

Jeff Jarrett is a WWE Hall of Famer and is well-known for working for various wrestling promotions. He recently spoke about the creative process differences between WWE and WCW. Jeff Jarrett is also responsible for the creation of TNA Wrestling back in the mid-2000.

According to Jeff, Vince McMahon was simply better at running his wrestling promotion. Many people believe that Eric Bischoff did not run WCW well, which eventually led to it being sold to WWE. Eric Bischoff in the past has stated that a few decisions that he took were mainly due to pressure from the executives at TNT, and not his.

Jeff Jarrett on VInce McMahon Running WWE Better Than Eric Bischoff Running WCW

“I knew day one, literally day one, this is a different organization than what I just came from,” Jarrett said. “The buck stopped with Eric [Bischoff], Hulk was a part of the creative, it was a corporate environment from the very beginning.

Love him, hate him, not like him, Vince [McMahon] even though [WWE] is a publicly-traded company, it’s his call on every decision. I never got that feeling ever when I worked for [WCW], going back to 1996”. Jeff Jarett revealed that everything in the WCW was negotiable.

That means Eric Bischoff did not establish his authority the same way Vince McMahon did in WWE. In WWE, everybody has to listen to Vince McMahon. In WCW, there were stars such as Hulk Hogan that had creative control which they used to make WCW all about themselves.

“Negotiating a simple finish, not every night, but for the most part everything was negotiable,” Jarrett said. “If you work for WWF, most of the time it’s non-negotiable. The producer is going to go to the head writer and then to Vince.

That’s really the only way it’s going to get changed, when Vince sends that show out or that finish out, that’s what you expect to get. At WCW, for the most part, everything was negotiable”. Jeff Jarrett had a fantastic career at TNA, now known as Impact Wrestling after he left WCW.

He fought some big wrestling legends there, including the legendary wrestler Sting. However, he eventually made his way to WWE. He is still part of WWE, although he is not regularly used on WWE TV, as he is past his prime.