Another demonstration that Dominik Mysterio is predestined

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Another demonstration that Dominik Mysterio is predestined

Dominik Mysterio had been able to impress the WWE Universe since his debut against Seth Rollins in the 2020 edition of SummerSlam. Rey's son has grown exponentially over a year, to become SmackDown tag team champion alongside his father.

On the Italian night between Friday and Saturday, Dominik was called to play his first match in front of a live audience. The last episode of the blue show took place at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, after the Stamford federation got the green light to return 'on the road'

Many wondered what would be the reaction of the young Mysterio, who did not disappoint expectations showing the cool head worthy of a veteran. Speaking on 'Smack Talk', the show organized by Sportskeeda, former WWE manager Dutch Mantell admitted that he was impressed by this boy's attitude.

Dutch Mantell on Dominik Mysterio

“It was absolutely not easy for him, and I'm not just referring to the presence of fans in the arena. He was dealing with a much more experienced group of wrestlers, but he proved to be as good as they are.

The boy has really come a long way, his progress in the last year and a half is very evident. With the passing of the matches, his performance is always higher,” said Dutch Mantell. Despite the enormous pressure on his shoulders, Dominik Mysterio showed an exceptional performance alongside veterans such as Roman Reigns, Edge, the Usos and his father Rey.

A few weeks ago, Vickie Guerrero - ex-wife of the late Eddie - had beautiful words for Mexican talent. “He had a naturalness out of the ordinary from a very young age. He comes from a family that has always been involved in wrestling from Monday to Sunday, which has helped him tremendously to make his way.

Everyone was aware that he was incredibly talented, I remember when he performed with Rey and Eddie at a very tender age. There was no doubt that he would become a top-level performer once he grew up." Speaking on Corey Graves’ After The Bell podcast, Rey Mysterio said there is still a chance that Dominik Mysterio could become a masked wrestler.

“That was the idea from day one that he started training: Dom will continue with this legacy and carry it on,” Rey Mysterio stated. “But we never really had the opportunity to sit down and discuss our plans, which now in retrospect we can look at it and say it’s still not [too] late to make things happen like we had it planned out.

So, I think Dom’s gonna have to earn the mask now, and he’s on his way. Eventually, one day, maybe the mask will be on”.