Finn Balor explains why he's back on the main roster

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Finn Balor explains why he's back on the main roster

The first night with the return of the live audience on WWE shows was a real success and the general feeling is that wrestling is finally back to breathe after months and months of stalemate. From Stamford-based federation insiders to fans, everyone has been raving about the latest installment of SmackDown, built as one big party for the return to normal.

But among the many moments that we will remember for a long time, one particular return has positively rocked the WWE Universe. We are talking about Finn Balor, who after a new stint at NXT returned to SmackDown to the delight of the public.

In the last episode of Talking Smack, Finn Bàlor was interviewed by Kayla Braxton and explained the reasons for his return: "It's good to be back here. It's SmackDown, the fans are back and Finn is back. It was crazy.

I feel so much energy still flowing through my body."

Finn Balor won the Universal Championship

Kayla Braxton then asked The Prince why he decided to return to the blue show rather than Raw, the brand in which he debuted in 2016 and then became the first Universal Champion within a month: "Obviously, there is always a purpose.

I went to NXT and won the NXT Championship. I was moved to Raw, became the first Universal Champion and held the Intercontinental title twice. I went back to NXT and won the title again. So, the reason I'm at SmackDown now is to win titles.

Buckle up and get ready for a long journey”. Finn Balor had already been moved to SmackDown following the Superstar Shake-Up of 2019, but after a few months without any particular goals, he discovered after the defeat against The Fiend of SummerSlam.

In the same year, The Prince returned to NXT and stayed there for more than a year and a half. His last appearance in the black and gold brand dates back to last May on the occasion of a defeat against the current champion Karrion Kross.

Balor has spent the last two years of his WWE career in NXT. Prior to that, he was involved in Intercontinental Championship storylines on RAW and SmackDown in the first half of 2019. SmackDown's top male singles title, the Universal Championship, is held by Roman Reigns.

Apollo Crews currently holds the Intercontinental Championship on SmackDown. On this week’s WWE SmackDown, Sami Zayn demanded that the Money in the Bank briefcase be lowered and given to him. Finn Balor’s music then hit and the former Universal Champion made his long-awaited return to the main roster.