Edge publicly thanks Kurt Angle

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Edge publicly thanks Kurt Angle

Many of the superstars who have marked an era in WWE have gone through difficult times early in their careers. One of the first examples that come to mind is undoubtedly that of Kurt Angle, about whom there was a lot of skepticism when he first stepped into the ring.

Having become a true symbol of the Stamford-based federation, the former Olympic gold medalist has helped many talents to advance their careers. During the last episode of his now-famous show, Edge revealed how Angle's support was crucial in enabling him to make the 'leap' between the greats in the industry.

The 11-time world champion first made headlines in 2001 when he defeated Kurt Angle in the final of the 'King of the Ring' tournament.

Edge pays tribute to Kurt Angle

“It wasn't easy to get to the top of the company, Kurt Angle helped me a lot in this climb.

For me, the best outcome of any storyline should be that both characters are strengthened. Don't be fooled by who wins and who loses, there are many ways to give prestige even to those who are defeated. I've always liked the idea that both wrestlers can come out stronger than when they joined, in fact, this should always be the goal.

At the time, Angle helped me grow, as I was labeled a tag team athlete. Christian and I had been very successful as a couple, but I wanted to prove that we had the right stuff individually as well. Sometimes it is not easy to get out of certain labels, think of champions of the caliber of Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels.

When you find yourself part of such an important tag team, you risk being able to go in only one direction. Luckily I found Kurt. We immediately realized that there was remarkable chemistry between us, which was a gift. It is as if you were the driver of a train: you drive it as long as possible in the hope of finding someone to share the journey with,” said Edge.

SmackDown kicked off with a short segment from the company's chairman, Vince McMahon, who wondered where the "hell" the crowd had been, and then came the festivities. The match was everything one could have wanted from the first SmackDown back in front of a live audience as it had some great work from both the heels and babyfaces.

Roman Reigns was egging the crowd on, alongside his cousins, The Usos, and his opponents fought tooth and nail to come out on top. However, The Bloodline proved to be too much for the trio of Edge, Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio to handle, as the former picked up the win.