Roman Reigns makes an unintended spoiler to the WWE Universe

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Roman Reigns makes an unintended spoiler to the WWE Universe

After over 16 months and a very long absence tonight the Friday Night Smackdown episode will see the public return to WWE shows. Between SmackDown, the Money in the Bank PPV and the episode of Raw, the public and all the fans of the company are expecting big surprises and maybe some welcome return.

In the meantime, the blue brand will see an interesting episode with the Main Event which will be a Six-Man Tag Team Match that will involve Roman Reigns together with The Usos against the Rated-R Superstar Edge and the Mysterios, composed by Rey and his son Dominik.

For the latter, it will be a special evening as it will be his debut in front of the public and there is so much tension around for there to be a memorable evening.

Roman Reigns will defend the Universal Championship against Edge

In this period of absence of the public from the shows, the Tribal Chief of WWE Roman Reigns was the main protagonist for the federation of Vince McMahon and in recent months he has literally annihilated anyone who had stood in his path.

In recent weeks, however, we have seen some small hesitation of the Big Dog with the current champion who in the last episode of SmackDown left the ring in difficulty and left his cousins, Jimmy and Jey Uso, literally at the mercy of Edge and the Mysterios, a difficult situation for the family that no one expected and no one thought they saw.

Through his Twitter account, Roman Reigns instead wanted to give a warning to the WWE Universe and indeed almost gave a spoiler to all the fans of the company. Here is the message from him as he tweeted about the audience: "It will be the first time since Edge was pinned at Wrestlemania 37 and stuck in front of thousands of fans and the episode before the Mysterios lose their Tag Team Champions titles in Money in the Bank's Pay per View."

Probably the most infuriating outcome, Jimmy and Jey Uso could play a pivotal part in the Universal Championship match at Money in the Bank. Jey has previously thwarted Edge's Universal Title hopes, interfering in the main event of WrestleMania 37.

This time, his twin brother could join in the trouble. The two of them have reunited with Roman Reigns and together, The Bloodline is stronger than ever. And while The Rated-R Superstar has handled The Usos so far, their interference might prove too much on Sunday.