Mickie James announces the first NWA Women’s Invitational

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Mickie James announces the first NWA Women’s Invitational

Ever since she was fired from WWE, which as we know turned her down a project dedicated entirely to women's wrestling and then treated her badly by sending her stuff into a garbage bag, Mickie James has never stopped. In fact, she has released new music, for those who do not know she is a country singer, she has given a lot of interviews and then signed a contract with the NWA, also with her husband, where she is taking care of organizing the first all-female ppv.

NWA license plate. This ppv was announced in early June by Billy Corgan, owner of the National Wrestling Alliance, flanked by James. The event will be called NWA EMPOWERRR and will take place on August 28 in St. Louis, Missouri, broadcast by FITE TV.

Mickie said for the occasion: “I'm here to demonstrate why women's wrestling matters: it's not just a hashtag, it's not just getting money. This is real and I want the best of the best in women. It doesn't matter where you come from, if you have a contract elsewhere, I want the top of the top."

Mickie James appeared on NWA Powerrr

In her press conference, which was used to promote NWA EMPOWERRR and NWA 73, Mickie James gave a very important communication.

In fact, she announced the birth of the first NWA Women 's Invitational Tournament, which will be an annual event held during the NWA's anniversary weekend. The tournament will be held at NWA EMPOWERR and the winner will be "crowned" with a cup that she will defend every year and in addition, she will have a titled match against the champion Kamille at NWA 73 The first participant in this tournament has already been announced and her name is Tootie Lyn.

So from now until August 28th, we expect more participants to be announced, even if the maximum number of participants is currently unknown. Mickie James went on to thank Billy Corgan for giving women's wrestling the chance to show that it can draw money and can be at the top of the marquee alongside the men.

In a very bold statement, Mickie James said she hopes to gather the best women in the world to compete on this show, even if they are currently under contract with other wrestling companies. This might indicate that the working relationship between the NWA and AEW will continue as the NWA Women's World Championship has been featured prominently on AEW television over the past year.