Women's tag team titles return to NWA EMPOWERR

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Women's tag team titles return to NWA EMPOWERR

The National Wrestling Alliance has no intention of stopping here, proposing one thing after another every day to the delight of those who love to follow women's wrestling. In fact, we had already reported two big announcements on the NWA women's front.

The first announcement was that of the organization of the first all-female NWA ppv, named NWA EMPOWERRR, which will take place on August 28 in St. Louis, Missouri, broadcast by FITE TV. Billy Corgan appointed Mickie James as executive producer for the occasion.

From that moment Mickie James immediately got to work and this week announced, during a press conference dedicated to NWA EMPOWERRR AND NWA 73, this second ppv will also see her fight again, that there will be the birth of the first NWA Women's Invitational Tournament.

This event will be an annual event done during the NWA's anniversary weekend. The tournament will take place at NWA EMPOWERR and the winner will be “crowned” with a cup that she will defend every year and in addition, she will have a titled match against champion Kamille at NWA 73.

Women's tag team titles return to NWA EMPOWERR

During an Instagram live with President Billy Corgan, Mickie James announced that NWA Women's Tag Team Titles will return to NWA EMPOWERRR. The new champions will be crowned right there.

These titles were introduced in 1950 but withdrawn in 1984, when the titles were sold to WWF, creating the WWF Women’s Tag team Championships. The last NWA champions were Princess Victoria and Velvet McIntyre. Mickie James also talked about some legends that will show up at NWA EMPOWERRR in her live session.

This event really promises something crazy that could change and change the landscape of women's wrestling, which has always had its ups and downs but which still deserves a lot of attention and a lot of support. Do not forget that, if you are a fan of female wrestling and want to stay up to date on the latest news, you can follow the first and only blog dedicated exclusively to that: Donne Tra Le Corde.

At this moment, Mickie James isn't sure who she is going to be wrestling at NWA 73 but she wants her fans to message NWA owner Billy Corgan on social media about who they would like to see her face in this historic pay-per-view event.

"And so I want you to tell Billy who you want to see me wrestle," Mickie James said. "Who wants to wrestle me at NWA 73? That is the big question. So, I'm just announcing that I was really kind of going back and forth. Was I going to wrestle, what's it going to be like and putting on this executive producer hat has been really, really interesting to me, and I think it's opened my eyes to a lot of things and it's a huge task, and I'm so blessed to have that put on my shoulders, but at the same time I'm like, okay, but I still want to wrestle. So NWA 73 You will see Mickie James vs. question mark, let me know."