Amid John Cena's return to WWE, federation greeted by criticism

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Amid John Cena's return to WWE, federation greeted by criticism

Since John Cena stepped away from wrestling in order to pursue his career in Hollywood, there has been no one able to take his place as the iconic face of WWE. Superstars of the caliber of Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns have tried to take over the reins of the company, but with mixed success.

Rather than lend a hand to young talent and blow them up completely, in recent years the Stamford-based federation has developed a tendency to bring some veterans back by placing them in the PPV main event. The return of Edge immediately comes to mind, as he faces Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Champion at Money in the Bank this Sunday.

There has also been talk for weeks of the imminent returns of John Cena and Goldberg. The first happened on Sunday at Money in the Bank, and the second is expected to happen at SummerSlam. Speaking in the latest edition of the 'Smack Talk' show, broadcast on Sportskeeda, Cena's former manager - namely Kenny Bolin - harshly criticized this bad behavior.

Amid John Cena's return to WWE, federation greeted by criticism

“Time to blow up one of those young stars that's on the roster. There's no need to bring back people like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Edge or The Undertaker, it doesn't make any sense.

It is also a lack of respect for all those who work intensively for 12 months of the year. Besides Roman Reigns, who is ready to take the throne? John Cena? Cena has absolutely no intention of doing it, his viewfinder is now aimed at the cinema,” explained Kenny Bolin.

The latter did not say much for Baron Corbin, one of the former rivals of the 16-time world champion. “I heard he is the cutest guy in the world! It may be true, but he is not one of those athletes who induce you to pull money out of your pocket to buy a ticket.

He makes a good addition to a show card, but it doesn't make you want to shell out cash to see him fight someone. He doesn't have that kind of appeal”. The company has decided to bring back veteran superstars and Hall of Famers time and time again and throw them into the main event scene.

With rumors of Goldberg's imminent return floating around, and Edge's involvement in the WWE Universal Championship picture, John Cena's former manager, Kenny Bolin, believes that WWE have to start promoting their new talent.

The idea was to have John Cena challenge Roman Reigns at SummerSlam, giving the WWE Universe a blockbuster match for the Biggest Party of the Summer.