*Spoiler* Rey Mysterio and son Dominik debut with a new mask

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*Spoiler* Rey Mysterio and son Dominik debut with a new mask

WWE is finally back on the road, after more than a year of shows held indoors, in small arenas, without the public being able to come in to cheer on their favorites. After watching the WWE Superstar exploits through the federation's ThunderDome for more than 365 days, the world's number one company has managed to return to broadcast its shows from fan-packed arenas since last Friday's episode of Smackdown, when the blue show was broadcast from an arena really packed with cheering people, as it hasn't been seen for too long.

Money in the Bank, which aired tonight, was also the very first post-pandemic PPV to be broadcast at "full speed", following the rehearsal of Wrestlemania 37, an event that aired in front of 25,000 people a night, last year.

April. Fortunately, the WWE begins to breathe an air of normality and with it also its public, after a terrible two years for the world and for the discipline in general. WWE veteran Rey Mysterio has told Dominik Mysterio he will have to earn the right to wear his legendary mask one day.

Rey Mysterio has cemented his status as one of the greatest masked wrestlers of all time. He originally wanted to pass on his mask to Dominik when his son began wrestling. However, Dominik ended up debuting in WWE without wearing a mask, meaning Rey’s plan did not come to fruition.

Rey Mysterio originally wanted to pass on his mask to Dominik

In one of the most anticipated matches of the evening, where Rey and Dominik Mysterio were called to defend their Smackdown Tag Team Champions belts, against the Usos, the couple formed by father and son, who we remember being the only couple formed by a parent and from a son to have won these belts in WWE, he saw fit to show a brand new and beautiful entry on the scene, with a sort of holographic portal that literally transported them through time and space, to the arena where it was being held.

the ppv. If all this were not enough, to make their new entry even more scenic and impactful, they thought about two new masks worn right in the walkway towards the ring, with Rey and Dominik thus covering their face, as is customary to do in Mexico, home of Rey and his family.

Who knows if now after the Money in the Bank debacle, WWE will have new projects and new plans for the duo formed by Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik, waiting for the much-rumored period with the mask also for Rey's son?