*Spoiler* Nikki A.S.H. has shocked everyone by becoming...

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*Spoiler* Nikki A.S.H. has shocked everyone by becoming...

As usual, WWE's Money in the Bank, ppv which takes its name from the homonymous match with the stairs valid for one of the most important title shots of the year and the career of a WWE wrestler, also brought with it some sensational surprises, as has happened since the PPV was established.

If once this match was included in the Wrestlemania card, where it originated in edition number 21, now WWE has preferred to create a real themed pay-per-view, inserting not one but two Money in the Bank Ladder match, one dedicated to women and one to men.

Also this year, the federation has held up the name of this event, after the sensational edition of last year, with the main event that was held at the Titan Towers obviously in a location that did not have a live audience due to the pandemic, but which did not, however, cause problems with the surprises and with the never-seen-before scenes that McMahon wanted to give to their fans.

There were a lot of doubts on whether this gimmick will stay for a long period but with her victory on Sunday at Money in the Bank, WWE seems to be behind Nikki A.S.H. Nikki A.S.H. has shocked everyone by becoming Ms. Money in the Bank 2021.

Formerly known as Nikki Cross, she recently changed her gimmick up to this new one, claiming herself to be "Almost a Superhero"

Nikki A.S.H recently changed her gimmick up to this new one

Among the many female athletes called to show off to get one of the most important titled chances of the year, it was probably the least likely athlete on the eve of the event to win.

The new federation superheroine Nikki A.S.H won the match and took the briefcase home. After a very intense match, where the most likely winner seemed to be Alexa Bliss instead, also thanks to her mental powers that had led some wrestlers to desist from detaching the briefcase, such as Zelina Vega, to which Alexa imposed with the thought of getting off the ladder without detaching the much-coveted prize, in fact, it was the outsider on duty who won.

The dispute still kept the fans glued to their chairs in the arena, but also from home, with several segments within the match that really stunned fans and insiders, such as Natalya's climb up the ladder with Zelina Vega on her shoulders or Nikki A.S.H's angel flight over the rest of the meeting components.

During the last spot of the match, where all the contenders who remained skilled in the fight had climbed on three different scales, it was Nikki who emerged from the crowd, who detached the briefcase in the general disbelief of colleagues and fans, thus taking home his most important victory, probably the most important of his entire career.