Dutch Mantell reveals why WWE is failing

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Dutch Mantell reveals why WWE is failing

As we have seen in the last episode of SmackDown, Big E and Apollo Crews took part in a new match that saw them opposed to decree a new participant in the MITB Ladder Match, which like every year gives the possibility to one or a wrestler to be able to challenge a maximum champion at any time.

The match was won by Big E despite the interference of Commander Azeez, who tried in every way to favor Apollo himself, the current Intercontinental champion. However, the match and the booking choices did not convince everyone, especially Dutch Mantell who criticized the WWE for carrying out segments that were too similar to each other too many times in the course of a short time, indicating this error as the result of a particular policy of Vince McMahon.

Speaking to Sportskeeda's microphones, the Legend expressed his opinion on the repetition of the segments and on the comparison between the WWE and AEW product.

Dutch Mantell on the WWE product

"A couple of months ago I read that according to Vince McMahon no story should be carried on without making sense.

The match in question, however, makes sense, the problem is that it has been brought to the screens for two months now and seeing the same things for so long tired. If you were to find a difference between WWE and AEW, I have to say that the latter has a lot of new talent and you see various characters within the shows, people you've never heard of.

Not everyone will definitely go over, but the important thing is to see new people. Maybe it's much more interesting to see new characters than to see the usual six times," Mantell said. Mantell also said that while they had never worked with each other, he had been around The Hitman backstage.

The former WWE manager described Bret Hart as someone who was always serious and didn't really have a fondness for joking around. Mantell also noted how Hart believed that he really was the best: "Bret truly believes that he is the best there is, the best there was and best there ever will be.

He truly believes that, which is okay to believe it but he had that attitude in the dressing room. I mean, I never had any problems with him. I mean, I never had any problem with it. I never actually worked with him but he's very dry, he's not funny, he doesn't like to joke around, he'll laugh a little bit but he's very very serious," said Dutch Mantell.